Making Digital Identity Enable Your Organization's Cloud/Digital Transformation
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Making Digital Identity Enable Your Organization's Cloud/Digital Transformation

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 08:30—08:50
Location: C01

If the last two years have proven anything, it is that businesses going digital and becoming cloud-based will only increase in velocity. Digital isn’t supporting the business anymore, digital IS the business. PwC's CEO survey states that over 50% of companies are investing in digital transformation with double digit numbers, yet see cybersecurity as their biggest concern. Zero Trust is today's main principle and IAM is seen as the foundation.

As the digital business increases in size, security and Digital Identity gets more complex.
This is where we as the IAM team come into play. We are the ones that need to support these transformations, get ahead of our business peers, apply Zero Trust and make sure the transformations will not slow down. Even though our peers do not always understand the relevance of IAM in their transformations. This leads to the questions about our responsibility as the IAM team, what should we expect from our executives and how to get to the outcomes we are looking for?

Ivo will bring a story to life about how we need to reframe IAM in order to create sustainable outcomes. He will do so by sharing his experiences working with global enterprises on IAM, next to the views of over 5.000 CEO's and more then 3.600 CISO's from the CEO Survey and the Digital Trust Insights Study that PwC conducts annually.

Ivo van Bennekom
Ivo van Bennekom
Ivo leads the PwC Digital Identity Impact Center for the EMEA region. Ivo has over 15 years of experience within the digital technology space, with a specific focus on global identity market...


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