Use Case: Belgian Mobile ID for Digital Inclusion
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Use Case: Belgian Mobile ID for Digital Inclusion

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 13:20—13:40

Public and private services are digitalizing their services and need to create solutions that are accessible to everyone. Customers are expecting more, and citizens want to interact with the public services in a smoother way.  Next to that, the sensitivity of information being exchanged online grows rapidly and data privacy is a real concern to many people. How can you build a digital society that is accessible, secure and respects privacy? What is the role of a digital ID?

Key Takeaways:

- a verified digital ID is a key component to create a safe and accessible digital society
- collaboration between the public and private sector is key, but how to handle it and what are the key success factors?
- how to use a digital ID to increase inclusion of all citizens

Sylvie Vandevelde
Sylvie Vandevelde
Belgian Mobile ID
From taking care of customer experience in real life to Design Thinking and UX in a digital world, for Sylvie Vandevelde, Head of Marketing & Communication at Belgian Mobile ID, the...
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