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Better Together: Marketing and Engineering Collaborate to Improve CX

Improving customer experience is an essential aspect of staying ahead of the market. A Walker survey predicted that by 2020, customer experience will be the key brand differentiator over product and price. According to Econsultancy and Adobe, great customer experience can best be achieved with technology. Evidently, marketing and engineering need to work together, yet there is often a disconnection between the two.

Marketing departments don’t always understand important elements of engineering that contribute to a great customer experience (e.g., peak loads, API performance, and latency). On the other hand, engineering teams are eager to work with elegant technology, but they neither understand nor care about customer experience like conversion rates and nurture programs, and customer satisfaction.

The two departments need to collaborate in order to leverage technology and achieve greater CX. As the organization’s leader, see that Engineering understands how they contribute to CX and allow them to gain ownership. Secondly, help Marketing see how collaborating with Engineering can contribute to better CX. There should be mutual respect and appreciation between Marketing and Engineering where they celebrate success and analyze problems together. Lastly, use data as the main language between Marketing and Engineering. The age of digitalization equips Marketing with abundant amount of data. Encourage Marketing to use this to communicate with Engineering. In order for organizations to optimize customer service, leaders need to create a steady bridge between Marketing and Engineering.

Key takeaways:


Takeaway for Executives: One of the greatest ways to improve your customer experience is by creating a collaborative relationship between your marketing and engineering teams.

Takeaway for Marketing: Customer experience is not just about UX and UI but underlying engineering and thus, a strong collaboration with Engineering is necessary.

Takeaway for Engineering: Engineering should understand that the definition of advanced, sophisticated technology is one that delivers excellent customer experience.

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