The Role of Roles in Compliance – A Practical Approach

  • TYPE: Workshop DATE: Friday, April 25, 2008 TIME: 14:00-15:30 LOCATION: Galaxis
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Enterprise role management is quickly becoming a critical technology for enabling organizations to verify and enforce regulatory policies and to audit the effectiveness of internal controls over user access. But due to complexity and marketplace confusion, many companies struggle to find an approach that delivers practical and timely results.

This workshop is designed to help technical leaders adopt a pragmatic strategy for managing roles as part of a successful governance, risk management, and compliance initiative. SailPoint’s Chief Technology Officer, Darran Rolls, will provide an in-depth look at role management concepts and technologies. And, he’ll offer recommendations that can help organizations achieve practical benefits with roles. Points of discussion include:

  • Introduction: What is role management?
  • Business drivers and use cases for role management
  • Where do roles fit in the world of compliance?
  • How do compliance roles relate to provisioning roles?
  • How useful is the NIST RBAC model?
  • Real-world deployment issues:
  • Engaging the business user in the process
  • Achieving flexibility, usability, and ease of deployment
  • Role model interoperability
  • Future directions for role concepts and technologies

Workshop participants will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to develop clear action plans for tackling role management in their organizations and to determine the most appropriate approach for the needs of their identity infrastructure and compliance objectives.

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Kevin Cunningham is the President and Founder of SailPoint Technologies, an industry leader in identity risk management and compliance. Kevin oversees the operational aspects of SailPoint including product development, marketing, sales and professional services. He previously founded and served...

Melvis Hadzic (1974) Principal Sales Consultant IAM on Oracle Identity and Role Management, member of the West Continent Europe team. As former BHOLD functional consultant, Melvis is specialized on Role management, process driven authorizations, attestation, assessments on authorizations...

Dr. Kuhlmann plays a key role in the continued development Omada’s solutions, including the award-winning Omada Identity Manager solution that is built entirely on the Microsoft platform and integrates with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager to provide a robust solution for Compliance...

Mr. Darran Rolls is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer and at SailPoint, where he is responsible for directing the company’s technology strategy and security operations.  Mr. Rolls has a long history in identity management and security at companies...

Dr. Ron Rymon serves as Vice President for Strategy, in CA Security Business Unit since 2008. Prior to CA, Ron was Founder of Eurekify, the pioneer and leading provider of role & compliance management solutions, where he filled management roles ranging from R&D, to product management, to...

Dr. Horst Walther, born 1951 in Berlin, works as a interim manager, management consultant and independent technical advisor for more than 30 years. His expertise focuses on the business to technology interface. At KuppingerCole he covers the domain of IAM-processes, roles, rules & policies...

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