Panel: Role-based Analytics for Effective GRC - How to Quickly Deploy IT Controls to Address Regulatory Requirements

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, April 24, 2008 TIME: 16:30-17:30 LOCATION: Galaxis

In last year´s conference, we reviewed the use of pattern recognition analytics to quickly and effectively build and manage a role-based privileges model for Identity Management and automated provisioning.

In this panel, we discuss the use of same analytical capabilities to quickly and effectively identify and remove access rights that violate compliance requirements, result in excessive risk, or are simply inconsistent with policies and common practices. The technologies presented are generic and can be applied across all IT infrastructure and business applications, and at any level of granularity.


Paul Heiden (1967) is BHOLD Company’s founder and CEO. Paul started his career as an officer of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps specialized in mountain and arctic warfare. Having obtained a master degree in Dutch and Roman law, Paul became legal counsel at KPN, the Dutch...

John heads the Identity & Access Management Services in the Netherlands as well in the EMA region. John is specialized in both audit and advisory services in the field of identity and access management, user management, provisioning, authorization management, role based access control, role...

Dr. Kuhlmann plays a key role in the continued development Omada’s solutions, including the award-winning Omada Identity Manager solution that is built entirely on the Microsoft platform and integrates with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager to provide a robust solution for Compliance...

Dr. Ron Rymon serves as Vice President for Strategy, in CA Security Business Unit since 2008. Prior to CA, Ron was Founder of Eurekify, the pioneer and leading provider of role & compliance management solutions, where he filled management roles ranging from R&D, to product management, to...



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