• TYPE: Workshop DATE: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 TIME: 09:00-11:00 LOCATION: Galaxis
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Identity Management - The next Step
Considerations for Mature Identity Management Deployments

Identity Management is not a project – is a continuous process. The workshop is around approaches to improve your existing IAM und to fulfill compliance and business requirements.


  • 10 Top Trends: Martin Kuppinger will discuss the Top Trends in Identity Management which KCP has identified.
  • KCP Identity Management Roadmap: We will give an overview of the updated KCP IAM Roadmap 2008.
  • Enterprise Information Management: There will be insight in the concept of Enterprise Information Management which starts to shine at the horizon of IAMs evolution.
  • What’s next: Why might the next steps in Identity Management deliver real business values?
  • GRC: The bracket for IAM, BSM, SOA.
  • IAM and BSM: Understanding IAM as a vital part of a real business – and not only IT infrastructure service – initiative and its role for an upcoming ERP for IT.

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