Digital Rights Management

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 11, 2017 TIME: 12:00-13:00 LOCATION: BODENSEE II


Implementing efficient Document Protection Solutions
Over the last four years UBS has designed, implemented and successfully deployed a global Data Classification & Protection solution called DRM (Digital Rights Management). This challenging and work intense program has provided a number of observations and recommendations for implementing efficient document protection solutions, which will be summarized and shared with the audience. The focus of this session is on the classification and encryption/decryption/IAM challenges – and how those can be overcome, resulting in the increased document protection levels and good user acceptance.

In particular:

  • Which documents are to be protected (classified and encrypted) within and outside of the organization?
  • Which classification use cases work best (automatic vs. manual, document vs. user centric)?
  • What are the document protection measures and how efficient those really are (encryption, rights enforcement of file perations, MFA, RBAC, off-line/premise, geo-aware access)?
  • Challenges for integration of protected, especially encrypted, documents into the operational infrastructure and business processes.
  • Is a broader accepted "persistent classification only" the more efficient solution for protection, than encryption (user awareness and acceptance, or user disturbance)?
  • Beyond the "universal classification schema": advantages of "ad-hoc classification" based on the ABAC Access Management: the next generation DRM.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which document classification process does really work in the practice (manual vs auto classification)
  • Which document protection and IAM measures can be successfully enforced in the global operating organization
  • What is the true value and the impact of document encryption
  • What is the best practice for establishing a balanced ecosystem for managing sensitive information within of large enterprises


Marek Pietrzyk – is former Manager of Client Data Confidentiality programme “DRM - Digital Rights Management” and current Manager of "Security and User Analytics" at the UBS. He is responsible for a cost effective implementation of the bank’s sophisticated Information...

As a global, independent family-owned company in Germany, FESTO has become the performance leader in its industry over the last 50 years, thanks to its innovations in all areas of factory and process automation technology. To develop and deliver this innovations, the protection of the intellectual property is one of the major goals within the company. To do so, Digital Rights Management (DRM) was implemented many years ago and is constantly improved and adapted to current and future needs. The presented case study shows our implementation scenario including an outlook regarding Cloud-relevant DRM challenges.


After several stations in a SAP Consulting company (finally as Manager for SAP Security) and IT Security Architect at Daimler AG, Peter Dornheim is now the Head of IT Security at SAP AG. He is responsible for the operational implementation of IT Security measures and Cyber Security defense.

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