Implementing Secure Liberty Alliance Web Services

  • TYPE: Workshop DATE: Thursday, May 10, 2007 TIME: 09:00-12:30
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This workshop will introduce the architecture of the Liberty Alliance Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF). We'll describe a typical web services example, and during the workshop implement a client for that service, using an open-source toolkit. Along the way we'll show some of the features of ID-WSF used to secure the service, and protect individuals' privacy. Truly committed audience members might like to write their own client software for our example service during the workshop!


Conor Cahill is an Identity Architect working on the Identity Capable Platform (ICP) research project within the Coporate Technology Group of Intel Corporation. The ICP project is exploring how adding the understanding of identity to the platform can secure existing transactions as well as...

Sampo Kellomäki is the chief architect of Symlabs Federated Identity Access Manager , Directory Extender 3.0 and co-founder of Symlabs. He is the main driving force behind the creation of Directory Extender 3.0 and the suite of solutions built around it. Prior to founding Symlabs, he held...


European Identity Conference 2007

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