Effective Data Cleaning and assigning accounts as a fast entry into Compliance and Identity Management

  • TYPE: Expert Talk DATE: Thursday, May 15, 2014 TIME: 13:20-13:40 LOCATION: BEER GARDEN
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Besides all the new trends in the area of identity and access management, every project starts with data quality issues. Questions like “What accounts, roles and entitlements are still valid?”, “Who is the owner of that accounts”, “Who is responsible for those service account?” need to be answered to have a realistic starting point of all identity management projects. Instead of using Excel, we show ways how to increase data quality, remove orphaned accounts and distribute the burden of cleaning to the natural responsible person in different areas and make live of those persons easier. Based on the Omada Identity Suite we will show an example, how it also could work in your company.

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Dr. Kuhlmann plays a key role in the continued development Omada’s solutions, including the award-winning Omada Identity Manager solution that is built entirely on the Microsoft platform and integrates with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager to provide a robust solution for Compliance...


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