Entitlement Management

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 TIME: 16:30-17:30

Enterprise Entitlement Management - Simplifying Management of Complex Authorization Policies

Entitlement is one of many new buzzwords in the identity field, promising to offer the next layer of protection for applications in an Internet environment with much more fine-grained security through enterprise entitlement management, or EEM. KCP believes that the industry is heading toward implementing centralized services that are able to process complex and lengthy decisions so a business application doesn't have to incorporate all this internally. EEM can automate such tasks as policy administration, decision and enforcement, and vendors are following widely different approaches ranging from federation-based models to the use of open standards. IT security worries and the business needs for next-generation provisioning systems are among the key drivers to be discussed in this panel, along with compliance requirements and process definitions.


Ralf Knöringer is the head of the competence center IAM at Atos which includes the global responsibility for the DirX product suite. Ralf has more than 20 years of professional experience in the international security market. His main focus areas are Identity and Access Management, GRC and...

Hal Lockhart is a Senior Principal Engineering Technologist in the CTO’s Office of BEA Systems. He represents BEA in information security-related standards activities at various bodies including OASIS, WS-I, EPCGlobal, JCP, W3C, Liberty Alliance, OMG and Open Group. At OASIS he is the...

Archie Reed is a HP Distinguished Technologist and Director of Strategy for HP’s Identity Management solutions. Archie is focused on identifying, predicting, and understanding the future direction and impact of technologies in the messaging, wireless, security and identity markets....



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