Standards Based Identity at Scale

  • TYPE: Roundtable DATE: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 TIME: 14:30-16:30 LOCATION: BODENSEE I

Social Networking 2.0: Privacy Designed Social Interaction - The MetaSociety Project

What is the result, if we merge the concept of Life Management Platforms with social networks, secure transactions, communication and information sharing? Yes, the result is a complete digital representation of social interaction like we humans have been developing in thousands of years, with by the way not so much change. Now that the Internet of Everything is coming along with technologies to provide secure frameworks which let us be represented by robot-like "software defined identities", Vladimir Samokhvalov founded MetaSociety to create the next generation of Social Interaction System (SIS). He will describe his concept together with Martin Kuppinger and open the discussion on his proposal.




European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014

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  • May 13 - 16, 2014 Munich, Germany