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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 TIME: 16:30-17:30

CardSpace, Higgins, Bandit & Co. - Projects & Trends in Open Source Identity Management

User-centric identity is probably the hottest topic in the IAM world today. With Vista, Microsoft has introduced its "OpenCard" personal identity system, but has yet to roll out many of its most important features. On the other hand, the open source community has been busy with its own version of an "open" identity system. One example is "Bandit" and the associated "Higgins" project supported among others by IBM and Novell (

Both systems aim at giving users control over their own digital identities as they surf the web, but each take a slightly different approach.

Recently, in a development that has astonished many pundits, Microsoft and the Open Source community have reached agreement on a wide range of interoperability issues, raising the prospect of a seamless and open identity system for the entire Internet. However, critical questions must still be asked, such as: Just how far will compatibility go? Is there still danger of a "standards war" breaking out? If so, who will be the winners, who the losers? How long will it take for the various open identity systems to reach critical market mass? And what is the business model behind user-centric identity anyway?


Johannes is the visionary behind NetMesh and the original creator of the NetMesh technology portfolio. Before starting NetMesh, he was founder, CEO, and Chief Architect of Aviatis Corp., a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup that provided distributed engineering tools. A native of...

Sampo Kellomäki is the chief architect of Symlabs Federated Identity Access Manager , Directory Extender 3.0 and co-founder of Symlabs. He is the main driving force behind the creation of Directory Extender 3.0 and the suite of solutions built around it. Prior to founding Symlabs, he held...

Dale Olds is a Distinguished Engineer in Novell's Identity and Security Management Group. He is currently working on the evolution of identity services and is an architect for identity-enabled and Open Source technologies. Dale was the lead designer and implementor of Novell Directory...

David Recordon is the Senior Open Programs Manager at Facebook, where he leads open source and open standards initiatives. Previously he worked at the blogging company Six Apart for two years, both as the Open Platforms Tech Lead and more recently as a Director within their Corporate Development...

Don Schmidt is a Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory engineering team at Microsoft with over 30 years of successful software and standards development experience in security, federated identity and attribute-based access control. He is considered a trusted advisor...



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