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Marcel van Galen is a visionair, a creator, an inspirator and an idealist. After building several businesses in communication and IT, he and his team started with developing Qiy as an independent utility on which people can create their own secure and intelligent space to be able to interact...

In the five past years the market of mobile applications has known a great expansion. In a near future, contactless technology will be embedded in all mobile phones. Arising services combine the power of online applications - already available on smartphones - with the physical interaction that the contactless technology enables. These services will cover a wide range of usage: electronic ticketing, public transport, payment. Privacy is going to be a key issue in this context. How to enable the use of contactless mobile services while providing a high level of guaranty in terms of privacy protection and trust? How to ensure data minimization and data sovereignty in a mobile ecosystem?

Lyrics is an international consortium setup by France Telecom- Orange in 2012 to tackle these issues. It involves several partners among which Microsoft, NEC, Oberthur Technologies and Atos Worldline. This collaboration aims at defining a solution answering the needs of the service providers and dealing with the constraints of the smart card industry. During our first year of investigation on this subject, we have focused on privacy in the field of Fare Management System. Transport operators are often subject to criticism because they infringe the right to move around freely and anonymously. Indeed, currently deployed transport services have not been designed to integrate anonymity and Privacy. Future transport framework (Interoperable Fare Management) promise to embed privacy in their design while benefiting from the functionalities that smartphones offer. We have conducted a thorough survey of the proposed design in terms of privacy properties and put this in perspective with current mobility trends and technologies available. Our initial findings show that in order to fulfill the promise of privacy in the context of mobility, a service centric approach may not be adequate. We are currently designing an anonymous public transport pass that is in line with future Fare Management architectures and that brings new perspective to transport services. During this session, we will bring our vision and share our first results on the design of this architecture. It will be particularly interesting to discuss how and where these findings match or not with the current trend of Life Management Platforms.


Olivier Maas is working for Atos Worldline's R&D department as a project manager on digital identity management. He is designing innovative implementation of IM technology applied on secure payments and services. On the FC² project he is responsible for managing the relationship with the...

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Jörg Heuer - The Wallet and Life Management

Marcel van Galen - Qiy Independent Trust Framework


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