Gail Hodges
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Gail Hodges

Executive Director
OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation is a non-profit global standards body that seeks to help people assert their identity wherever they choose by leading the global community in creating identity standards that are secure, interoperable, and privacy preserving. The Foundation’s standards are used by billions of people across millions of applications to enable user logins, enterprise login, open banking, open data, send risk signals, and enable interoperability between implementations.  

Gail is also acting as Special Advisor on Identity Technologies to the California Department of Motor Vehicle Administrators.  Gail previously worked at Apple for 5 years, where she led Business Development for a range of new Identity and Payment services. Prior to joining Apple, Gail was SVP and Global Head of Digital Payments for HSBC Holdings and led global credit card portfolios. At American Express she ran the premium card businesses in the UK and was part of the Strategic Planning group. Gail hold an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a B.A. in Public Policy from Princeton University.

Gail Hodges
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May 12, 2022
09:30 - 09:50
Interoperability Between Global Identity Networks
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