Bryan Meister
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Bryan Meister

Senior Principal Architect

Bryan Meister has been with Yahoo since 2011 holding multiple roles throughout the CIO organization including Service Desk Analyst, Technical Program Manager, Business Systems Analyst, and presently Senior Principal Architect.

It was through this journey that Bryan experienced first-hand all aspects of the impact Identity has on a company. This ignited a passion for Identity and Access Management and Security that culminated in leading projects focused largely on user lifecycle, access control, governance, authorization, and authentication.

With the merger of AOL and Yahoo into the Oath/Verizon Media business unit (which has since been sold and rebranded again as Yahoo), a complex technological environment of disparate entities was created across a rapidly evolving enterprise ecosystem. 

Bryan is driving the Enterprise Identity program that is working to coalesce these systems while striking a strong and effective balance between user experience, corporate culture, and enterprise security.

Bryan Meister
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May 11, 2022
16:10 - 16:30
What Supports Zero Trust in the Enterprise?
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