Oliver Terbu
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Oliver Terbu

Director of Identity Standards
Spruce Systems, Inc.

Oliver Terbu holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Graz. He has been working in the Digital Identity space for about a decade and was involved as chair, lead editor, author, and contributor in various organizations (e.g., ISO, CEN/CENELEC, W3C, DIF, OIDF).

Mr. Terbu is the Director of Identity Standards at Spruce. Before joining Spruce, Mr. Terbu joined walt.id’s advisory board, he worked as Head of Architecture at ConsenSys Mesh, and Standards Lead and Solutions Architect at uPort (ConsenSys). At Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (GmbH), he worked as a Solutions Architect on mobile identity solutions for the public and the private sector and became a delegated expert in various identity-related ISO WGs. He also received the Austrian Standards Award in 2018.

Oliver Terbu
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