Max Imbiel
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Max Imbiel

Deputy CISO, Info & Cyber Sec Expert, Speaker & Coach
ahead Security

Max Imbiel is working in IT and Information & Cyber Security now for over 15 years and across the globe.

He has worked on

  • secure application development,
  • building secure network infrastructures,
  • training and managing humans in Information and Cyber Security,
  • designing and realizing secure and legally compliant solutions,
  • hacking and testing systems and services,
  • leading and building security expert teams and groups (such as CERTs or Security Architecture teams etc.),
  • cooperating on security aspects in contract, demand and financial management
  • fully incorporating the whole topic of Information and Cyber Security into companies, corporations and their leadership and executive management.

He has done this in a variety of companies from SMEs to big multi-national corporations in various locations around the world.

Security is a standard in todays world and everyone should implement it as much and best as possible. His goal is to help and guide this.

Max Imbiel
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November 11, 2021
12:20 - 12:40
Humans, the Exhaust Port of Cybersecurity
Combined Session
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