What is a Market Compass?

The KuppingerCole Market Compass is a tool which provides an overview of a particular IT market segment. It is the compass which assists you in identifying the vendors and products/services in a particular market segment which you should consider for product decisions.

The Market Compass is similar to the Leadership Compass but has less detailed Rating Sections, focusing basically on strengths and challenges of the product. The „Comparison section” of the report contains a matrix with the high-level ratings. The process for gathering information from vendors is lean, based on briefing calls and, if required, small sets of additional questions.

Briefing Request


Vendor-Analyst interaction requires:

  • at least one briefing with every vendor for about 60 minutes, which should include a demo
  • if such a briefing has already taken place and KuppingerCole and the vendor are in constant contact, an update briefing
  • delivery of additional information such as technical architecture, roadmap planning, detailed feature lists on request
  • vendor feedback on report draft

Difference between Leadership Compass and Market Compass

  • simplified process and rating
  • a comparison or insight into the market segment with less effort for both, analyst and vendor
  • can be applied to smaller market segments and emerging markets, where those comparisons usually don’t exist yet or market segments that are still rather heterogeneous

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