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The Evolution of Identity Governance: From Basic Compliance to Federated Security Assurance

Whenever people are talking about the Digital Transformation, they usually think about modern technologies like cloud computing. However, although adopting new technologies is important for staying relevant and competitive in the rapidly changing market, this transformation primarily reflects the growing volume of digital information that is powering key business processes and unlocking new business models. In many cases, digital data even becomes a company’s primary product and most valuable asset.


How to Make Your IAM Program a Success

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the most important and challenging disciplines, involving multiple departments and systems across the enterprise and requiring constant communication between the business and IT. Without IAM, it is difficult to mitigate access risks, to comply with regulations and to deliver a consistent and frictionless user experience.


Best Practices and Essential Tools for GDPR Compliance

With just over three months until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in the European Union, many organizations are still struggling to prepare for the new regulation.


Faktor Mensch: Wie man das Schwächste Glied der IT-Infrastruktur Ihres Unternehmens Schützt

Um im hart umkämpften und sich ständig verändernden globalen Markt bestehen zu können, sind Unternehmen gezwungen, ständig neue Technologien und Plattformen einzuführen, die unweigerlich zu einer erheblichen Erhöhung der Komplexität ihrer IT-Infrastrukturen führen. Da sensible Geschäftsdaten über mehrere geografische Standorte verteilt sind, wird die Anzahl der Angriffsvektoren, die vor Cyberangriffen geschützt werden müssen, immer größer.


Holistic Approach to Cyber Risk Governance in the GDPR Era

As we are getting closer to the dreaded May 25th deadline, when the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force, many companies are still struggling with implementing effective risk assurance programs that constitute a key requirement for any sensible cybersecurity and compliance strategy.

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The Evolution of Identity Governance: From Basic Compliance to Federated Security Assurance


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