Panel: Addressing the Customers' „Pain Points“ - CIAM for Better Security and Compliance

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In the digital-first environment, the threat of identity cybercrime is higher than ever. It is imperative for all the players to offer their customers frictionless, personalized and secure experience which can be quite challenging particularly when dealing with a large number of identities.

Offering the more refined customer experience, understanding your customer without compromising security and compliance is not an easy feat.

In this panel, our speakers will discuss the main critical points that need to be taking into account while enabling seamless customer identity capabilities, how to maintain a high level of security throughout all processes while collecting and storing the data, how to meet the demand of the customers who expect a personalized experience with easy access withmore control over the information companies store and share.

Language: English • Duration: 17:52 • Resolution: 1280x720

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