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From E-SSO to a Holistic Authentication- and Authorization Strategy

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Dave Kearns
Senior Analyst
Dave Kearns
Dave spent 10 years as a network manager, ending up as Information Services Manager for the former Thomas-Conrad Corporation (now part of Compaq ). In 1987, he was a founding SysOp of Novell's Novell Support Connection service on Compuserve and served as the first president of the Association...
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Managing Authentication and Access for Different Identities in Hybrid Environments
Jun 22, 2018

The Digital Transformation is driving enterprises in all geographies and throughout most verticals to become open and connected. These enterprises need to digitally engage with their customers, to technologically empower and mobilize their employees, to optimize their current business processes and to ultimately transform their products. At the same time, large-scale cyberattacks and wrongful exploitation of personal data has reached an all-time high and the associated risks are further increasing.

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Universal SSO: Strategies & Standards for Single Sign-On Across Web and Native Applications
Oct 16, 2015
Many organizations have had some form of Web Access Management solution deployed for years. Whether this is pure-play Web Access Management, providing Web Single Sign-On capabilities and coarse-grain Access Management, or more advanced technology including Web Application Firewall functionality, one target is to manage access of employees and business partners to these applications.
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Jul 27, 2017
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Feb 16, 2021
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Identity is Security: Avoiding the Pitfalls of an Authentication-Centric Security Architecture
Jun 27, 2018

The security landscape has changed in the recent decade, and the methods we used to protect our enterprise networks are no longer working. The network perimeter has dissipated, the adversary has become increasingly skilled at alternative methods to gain entry, and enterprise applications and data are spread across multiple environments, on-premises and in the cloud. With more sensitive information getting out of our control every day, a data breach is just waiting to occur, and the consequences, if successful, can be disastrous for your business.

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