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09.02. - 10.02.2010

Refinement, Expansion or Replacement - How to Optimize your Investment into Identity Management

Identity management has become part of the infrastructure in most companies today. In the meantime we all have learned, that identity management itself is much more than a single project, and that it is part of many other IT related projects. Many things have improved since you initiated your first identity management project. With this online-conference, we will talk about those improvements and how they can help you to refine, expand, or even replace your existing solution(s).


Martin Kuppinger
Kuppinger Cole + Partner

Dave Kearns
Identity Expert & Writer, Network World


Tuesday, 02/09/2010
15:00 -16:00 CET, 10am Eastern Virtual Panel
Provisioning and Access Governance Trends
Provisioning and access management solutions, core applications of any identity management infrastructure, on the one hand have reached a high maturity level, and are moving down the market making deployments faster and cheaper. On the other hand, requirements have been changing: New sources of identity information have to be used in an increasing number of new processes and applications, with some of them running in the cloud. How to move on from centralized provisioning and access management infrastructures to a new, more decentralized way of doing identity management?

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16:00-17:00 CEST, 10am Eastern Analyst Keynote
5 Quick Win Approaches to Achieve the Next Level of your IAM Infrastructure
IT organisations are facing an increasing pressure to reduce costs, while at the same time compliance requirements increase and management is asking for more flexible solutions to faster react on new business requirements. In this Webinar, Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole, will describe 5 quick win approaches how to get your IAM infrastucture to the next level.

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17:00-18:00 CET, 11am Eastern Virtual Panel
Versatile Authentication - One Layer of (Strong) Authentication
Versatile authentication flexibly integrates a variety of open and proprietary authentication methods into one security layer, and strongly simplifies the implementation of multiple authentication methods in complex environments. In this panel, Dave Kearns will discuss with several authentication vendors about current trends in versatile authentication.

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Wednesday, 02/10/2010
15:00 -16:00 CET, 9am Eastern Analyst View
Access Management Tools - can they Integrate with what you have in a Lean Way?
Controlling access to information and to target applications, is the key element of a security policy. Access management includes multiple elements, such as access control, access delegation, access policy definition and access reporting. In this virtual panel, we will look into how access management tools can integrate into your infrastructure in a lean and flexible way.

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16:00 - 17:00 CET, 10am Eastern Virtual Panel
From E-SSO to a Holistic Authentication- and Authorization Strategy
Expert panel showcasing best practices migrating to a holistic auth(z) and auth(n) strategy.

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17:00-18:00 CET, 11am Eastern Virtual Panel
Expanding the Reach - Identity as a Key Enabler of Customer Satisfaction through Context-aware Personalization
Once having an identity management infrastructure in place, maximising this significant investment through expanding the infrastructure´s reach would be a good idea. In this webinar, we look into the possibilities on how to integrate the customer into your identity management strategy.

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