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The market for Identity and Access Management (IAM), governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) and cloud computing is expanding by leaps and bounds. In fact, no other segment of the IT market can boast such dynamic growth rates. At the same time, the pace of product innovation is picking up, with new players gearing up to compete with existing vendors for their share of the pie. It is vitally important for vendors and developers as well as system houses and service providers to keep up with the latest trends and to assess their own offerings - and those of the competition.

That's where KuppingerCole comes in. We are one of Europe's leading analyst groups, and we are totally focused on the market for IAM and GRC as well as cloud computing and IT security. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and are able to tell you exactly where the best chances await to stake out a claim to success in this exciting market. Which is why more and more vendors turn to us for solid advice and critical evaluation.

KuppingerCole - a leading European analyst group

Founded in 2004, KuppingerCole is one of Europe's leading analyst companies focusing on the critical evaluation of IT strategies, products and vendors associated with secure, reliable IT infrastructures in both classic and cloud environments. KuppingerCole stands for expertise, thought leadership and strictly a vendor-agnostic market view. Topics covered by Kuppinger Cole include Identity und Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), authentication and authorization strategies, IT security and Information Rights Management (IRM), Cloud Computing (infrastructure, management, security and governance) as well as virtualisization.

Ongoing research by KuppingerCole monitors more than 100 vendors and their products as well as innovative user trends. Our focus is worldwide; we devote our attention to both major players and smaller niche vendors. This enables us to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute strategy analysis, roadmaps and product recommendations both for long-term and short-term projects. 

KuppingerCole offers clients a wide range of reports, consulting options and events aimed at providing companies and organizations with a clear understanding of both technology and markets, enabling them to fine-tune their own strategies and projects avoid costly mistakes in choosing vendors and solutions. Our Roadmaps Services (situation analysis), Strategic Advice (strategy evaluation) and Readiness Analysis (test of implementation planning) provide an attractive combination of standardized services tailored to your special needs and providing professional, in-depth decision support.

Research and Advisory Services - our reports and analyst calls

KuppingerCole Research and Advisory Services give you unlimited access to the results of our ongoing vendor-agnostic research with currently more than 100 reports to chose from. This service is available to every registered member of your staff for an entire year and gives them the unrestricted right to browse our library of reports and other documents that to facilitate their decision making processes.

Reports by KuppingerCole analysts cover markets, vendors, products, technologies and trends as well as surveys on core topics in the field of identity and access management, governance, risk management, and compliance, as well as cloud computing and related subjects. Together, they represent a comprehensive and detailed overview of the present state of the art in each of these fields.

Designated employees of your company can consult our analysts directly by phone to receive updates and up-to-the-minute briefings on their special areas of interest.

Request a briefing with a KuppingerCole analyst

Roadmap Services - check up on the health of your IT

KuppingerCole Roadmap Services compare the state of your IT today with benchmarks developed by Kuppinger Cole including the KuppingerCole Roadmaps for IAM, GRC, Cloud Computing and others. It consists of a one-day workshop including an evaluation of your present IT situation and intensive interactive discussion with a KuppingerCole analyst along with recommendations for possible improvements. The aim is to achieve instant feedback that can lead to real measures and produce lasting results. Designed as a stress test for your IT strategy, Roadmap Services from KuppingerCole will give you loads of relevant information and suggestions for improving the health of your IT.

Strategic Advice - plan and test your IT investment strategy

KuppingerCole Strategic Advice provides detailed recommendations that help you judge the effectiveness and value as well as possible risks from your IT investments. Thanks to our standardized approach we can help you avoid costly false investments by analyzing the overall consequences and identifying possible sources of error. Our Strategic Advice package is based on many years of market experience as well as know-how gained through hands-on project work; it consists of the following modules:

  • KuppingerCole Roadmaps
  • KuppingerCole Research and Trend Reports
  • KuppingerCole Workshop for up to 10 members of your in-house team

Sales Training - more customers and more market share

Sales Trainings by KuppingerCole focus on creating and improving awareness on the part of sales personnel and decision makers within your company for the needs and demands of different customer groups and for your company's position within the market, backed up by results from our own research. The aim is to help your sales people identify and qualify prospects and develop a targeted approach to converting them into loyal customers. The agenda of these workshops revolves around understanding market factors and their influence on purchasing processes, as well as exploring the dynamics and idiosyncrasies of certain branches and industries. This one-day seminar for up to ten participants contains:

  • Agenda development
  • Production of training materials
  • As an option, training can be conducted at a special location as an incentive-builder (minimum two days)

Custom White Papers - we write - you publish

KuppingerCole analysts will author customer-specific whitepapers for you on topics related to our own research and expertise and evaluating either products or services in the context of both market and technology. The text of these whitepapers may be published under your company's name and corporate identity guidelines. Whitepapers by KuppingerCole have a minimum volume of four pages and are provided as a service to support your own marketing activities by drawing on the competence and in-depth market knowledge of our analysts.

Product/Vendor Reports - unbiased research by KuppingerCole

Our product or vendor reports are written by our analysts using their unique neutral market perspective to evaluate the offerings of vendors and service providers. Each report is available by download from our own website and may be purchased either individually or by annual subscription. Vendors may license these reports, which typically are about 6 pages long, and pass them on to their own customers and prospects.

KuppingerCole Virtual Conference - make your presence felt online

Virtual Conferences organized and hosted by KuppingerCole are extremely popular among decision makers in a wide range of industries and fields. Through active sponsorship you may use these online events as a platform for presenting your own product or service offerings to a very attractive target group of prospects and thought leaders as well as to your own customers. Virtual Conference Services by KuppingerCole involve the following elements:

  • Emails and newsletters from KuppingerCole to more than 15,000 contacts in addition to mailings by our corporate sponsors
  • All sessions published as online podcasts over the KuppingerCole website and additionally available for free distribution by the sponsor
  • Sponsors receive the contact information of all participants
  • Virtual Showcase: a 30 to 60 minute demo session in the form of an interactive online customer meeting via VoIP or chat with the opportunity to distribute info materiel and software demos.

We offer three different sponsorship models:

  • Silver Sponsor: 1 joint presentation, 1 Virtual Showcase
  • Gold Sponsor: 1-2 panel sessions, 1 joint presentation, 1 Virtual Showcase
  • Platinum Sponsor: 1 keynote, 2 panel sessions, 1 joint presentation, 1 Virtual Showcase

KuppingerCole Webinar Services - short and focused presentations

Our standard one-hour webinars were developed to give service providers and vendors quality face time with their customers and potentials, increasing their "mindshare" by actively presenting and promoting their products and services online. Typically, a senior analyst at KuppingerCole will introduce the sponsor and provide a neutral summarization. After that, the sponsor and a partner or customer can give their own presentations, followed by a question and answer session moderated by our analyst, who also provides a short wrap-up. We advertise these webinars by email to potential participants from our mailing list of thousands of decision makers and industry leaders, thus assuring attractive new leads for your sales force. Each webinar is recorded and made available as a podcast. After the webcast, the sponsor will receive a list containing the contact information of all attendees.

Customer Webinar Services - be our special guest at virtual events

Webinars hosted by KuppingerCole for our industry partners are the perfect way to showcase your products and services. Each webinar features one of our senior analysts who provides context and introduces the other speakers. Vendors and service providers who are sponsors of their own virtual event usually give a 30 minute to one-hour presentation, followed by a Q&A session and a wrap-up by the analyst from KuppingerCole.

SWOT Analysis - how does your offering stack up?

For service and solution providers KuppingerCole offers its SWOT analysis, a 20-25 page document containing a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of their offering and a comparison with those of their direct competitors. Information about additional market contenders may be added as desired (approx. 10 pages each).

KuppingerCole Opinion - the analyst's view of your topic

KuppingerCole Opinion provides answers by one of Europe's leading analyst firms to your specific questions and issues bearing on IAM, GRC, cloud computing and related topics.

  • Do we have the right strategic implementation partner?
  • What are the benefits or pitfalls that may await us?

KuppingerCole Opinion puts the accumulated knowledge and experience of our analysts at your disposal in order to help you with difficult decisions. They will provide a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of products available in the market, their usability as well as possible hidden risks and costs. KuppingerCole Opinion produces structured suggestions and realizable solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

KuppingerCole On-site Workshop - a round table for ideas

KuppingerCole On-site Workshop is a sit-down session with one of our senior analysts aimed at giving your team feedback on their specific issues and jointly developing solutions for their problems. Besides your own employees you may invite implementation and solution partners to take part in this on-site workshop as well. They are a good way to get a project started or to fine-tune it when difficulties arise.

KuppingerCole European Identity Conference - meeting place of the identity industry

The European Identity Conference (EIC) hosted annually by KuppingerCole is the leading event for the identity industry in Europe and a meeting point for vendors, users and media representatives from all over the world. Here they get to discuss current topics firsthand and explore new trends in the areas of um identity and access management, governance, risk management, and compliance, as well as virtualization, cloud computing and IT security. Top keynote speakers and a unique mix of product demos, best practice presentations, user case studies, panel discussions, statements by industry thought leaders and the ability to network directly with the experts make this an indispensable event for IT managers and vendors alike.

KuppingerCole Analyst Services - individually or with an annual sibscription

Many of the analyst services offered by KuppingerCole are freely accessible through our blogs, newsletters and webinars. Please visit our website (www.kuppingercole.com) to see what our team of  analysts have to offer you.

The services listed above are chargeable and be chosen individually. In many cases, clients find it more convenient to purchase a package of services available in the form of an annual subscription tailored to meet their special needs and demands.

Please contact the sales team at KuppingerCole to discuss your company's requirements. You can reach them by phone under +49 (211) 23 70 77-10 or by email to sales@kuppingercole.com. We will get back to you immediately.

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