Identity Metasystem & Claims

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Introduction to the Identity Metasystem and Claims

Date: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Time: 10:30-11:30

Introduction to the Identity Metasystem and Claims
Felix Gaehtgens, Axiomatics • Vittorio Bertocci, Microsoft

The Identity Metasystem and claims provide very powerful tools for modeling the identity and access aspects of systems of all scales and complexity. The ideas and principles behind them, however, are simple and very intuitive. This session will lay down the basic concepts behind the Identity Metasystem, will introduce you to the terminology and in general provide a level set on the subject. If you are not fully familiar with the claims based approach, this session will equip you with the...

Claims, Reputation and Behavioral Analysis of Online Identities

Date: Thursday, May 07, 2009 Time: 11:30-12:30

Claims, Reputation and Behavioral Analysis of Online Identities
Liam¬†Lynch, eBay¬†Inc. • Upendra Mardikar, PayPal

The goal of confirming an identity of a user remains a challenge in today’s online and offline worlds. To uphold the fundamental laws of identity that a subject is the same as itself: A ≡ A, different attributes of A must be known to discover A. There are several ways prevalent today. It includes word of mouth such as I know this user or he is who he claims to be, it also includes verifying an identity from trusted third parties like Governments, Certificate Authorities, etc....

Using Claims to Convey Trust Across Identity Boundaries
Felix Gaehtgens, Axiomatics • Ariel Gordon, Microsoft

This presentation will show how Trust that is created in the real world via In-Person Proofing events, can be leveraged to create digital identities and enable safer online transactions. It describes how one of the leading school district in the US is using claims-based access platform to simplify the deployment of educational resources and reduce management costs. The case study is relevant beyond the educational sector and in many diverse enterprise contexts such as authorization and...


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