Transposing Human Identity: RPA and Digital ID

  •  TYPE: Track    START DATE:  Thursday, May 14, 2020     START TIME: 11:00    LOCATION:  AMMERSEE II
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The use of robotic process automation RPA instead of humans to perform automated tasks is hugely beneficial and cost-effective, however, associated with severe security challenges. The significance of the impact of RPA on Identity Governance will grow more in the future. How can we mitigate access related risks? Can we rely on standard IAM capabilities of IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) and PAM? Balancing new opportunities such as RPA with security risks is the main challenge for every company willing to achieve a New Level of Operational Efficiency


Effective and Secure Robot Account and Access Management in ING

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 11:00-12:00

Effective and Secure Robot Account and Access Management in ING
Emin Baki, ING

Identity and access management of robot accounts is a challenging task when RPA implementation is wide across the company. Having personal account characteristics for service accounts can be costly and inefficient for the scalability of RPA adoption. In order to fix this dilemma in ING, we introduced a unique type of account namely “robot account” and “robot resource system” to manage robot accounts effectively and efficiently. In this session, you will hear more...

Governance Surrounding Bot Identities
Sara Farmer, Thomson Reuters

The adoption rates or RPA tools is growing at staggering rates. Providers of these services are growing. These vendors offer a variety of different approaches to automated solutions. With technology and eager business, users come great responsibility for Identity and Access Management Governance leaders. We must provide controls and governance surrounding these new identity types. What is a Bot ID and how is it different from a service account? Bots are designed to replace...

Panel: Automated Surveillance in the Physical World, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
Joni Brennan, Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada • Mark Lizar, Open Consent Group

Understanding Risk and Improving Operational Privacy and Security: The combination of low-cost high-resolution video, continuous mobile device tracking, new, low-cost robust sensors (e.g. lidar) and its aggregated collection into big databases, in combination with increases in processing power to support machine learning has made automated surveillance available to organizations and individuals, spanning across sectors, jurisdictions and is applicable to a majority of existing use...

Holistic Digital Identity and its Emerging Technology

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 12:00-13:00

Holistic Digital Identity and its Emerging Technology
Kim Cameron, Idenpendent Identity Advisor

Current identity technology permits web sites and services to distinguish between and recognize users. But we totally lack technology that transposes human identity, as it has existed for millenia, from the physical to the digital world. Kim will present his work on what real, holistic digital identity must be, outline what this means for emerging technologies, and invite the audience to join in as critics of and contributors to these ideas.

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