Risk Management & Cyber Intelligence

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Companies from various business industries are facing increasing risk management challenges. Understanding Cyber Risks is imperative for ensuring business operations and protecting brand image.

Questions relevant for Risk Management can be answered by effective Cyber Threat Intelligence and it can be a complementary technology along with classical risk-based methods. Integration of CTI into existing security operations can be a challenge but if done properly, it can provide greater network visibility and awareness of the threat landscape. In this session we will discuss the current risk management challenges and CTI techniques.


Pragmatic CyberSecurity and Risk Reduction

Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2019 Time: 15:45-16:45

Pragmatic CyberSecurity and Risk Reduction
Bruce Hafner, ClearArmor Corporation

Organizations are at a tipping point, overwhelmed by cyber events, day to day operations, budget, and availability. Increasing triggers are compounding the problem along with increasing standards, compliance, and an overabundance of next best tools resulting in unsustainability. A rapid-fire session will engage attendees on a pragmatic approach to risk reduction through a pragmatic CyberSecurity which simplifies the approach. Bringing clarity and focus to risk reduction efforts, while...

Real and Perceived Threats to the Energy Sector - 2019 and 2020
John Bryk, Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DNG-ISAC)

What are the cyber threats posed to natural gas?  What's the state of cyber defense for our pipelines?  Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (DNG-ISAC) Threat Analyst will provide an overview of the dynamic cyber and physical threats faced by the natural gas and pipeline sub-sector in 2019 and 2020.  Industry data will be summarized to paint a picture of current challenges to the safety and operation of our national critical energy infrastructure...

Operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
Stephan Chenette, AttackIQ

In this presentation, I'll discuss how leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK framework to overlay your current technologies, will help you articulate and formalize back to the business metrics around your current defensive capabilities, the technical threats you are protecting the business from and how you are minimizing business risk.

Protect the Homeland and Stay in Business: Why Privately-Owned Companies Need a Cyber Intelligence Program

Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2019 Time: 16:45-17:15

Protect the Homeland and Stay in Business: Why Privately-Owned Companies Need a Cyber Intelligence Program
Al Lewis, Doctoral Candidate & Independent Researcher

The private sector continues to be victimized by an onslaught of sustained cyber assaults aimed at undermining the United States economy, weakening its military, and threatening its democracy. The need for the US government and private industry to share information has long been viewed as the only viable solution to thwarting cyberattacks. Despite the information sharing efforts, spanning nearly two decades, private industry continues...

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