IoT & Industrial IoT Security

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The Internet of Things is an integral part of our daily lives. We are surrounded by interconnected devices at home, at work and on the streets. Apart from interconnectivity, these devices share another important trait - lack of basic security controls. Neglecting these controls can lead to a security breach which can cause significant damage to a company or cause havoc in the population. Critical Infrastructure security must be paid special attention due to its special nature.

In this session we will discuss the current IoT Security challenges and the ways to solve them.


IoT & Cybersecurity

Date: Wednesday, October 09, 2019 Time: 15:00-16:00

IoT & Cybersecurity
Christopher Magnan, General Dynamics Information Technology

Cybersecurity is critical to protecting IoT and mesh networks.  Network sensors and endpoints are the most vulnerable network assets.  As endpoint diversity expands to nontraditional assets and applications, stakeholders must adopt cybersecurity best practices to protect their networks. This talk focuses on strategies to harden the IoT security posture.

Secure Code Signing for IoT with Multi-Party Computation
Tom Stockmeyer, Unbound Tech • Allan Konar, Unbound Tech

In 2019, interconnectivity and growth of data have exploded. The digital world continues to expand at breakneck speed, with 20 billion networked devices and data anticipated to grow tenfold from 2017 to 2025. 96% of companies now use cloud services and 81% of enterprises operate multi-cloud landscapes. There are over 5 billion mobile phone users, with 2 billion customers preferring mobile banking rather than enter a physical branch. IoT is an integral part of the future of data technology...

Cyber Mutual Assistance – A New Model for Electric and Gas Companies Preparing and Responding to Cyber Security Emergencies

Date: Wednesday, October 09, 2019 Time: 16:00-17:00

Cyber Mutual Assistance – A New Model for Electric and Gas Companies Preparing and Responding to Cyber Security Emergencies
David Batz, Edison Electric Institute

Owners and operators of the electric grid in the United States are facing an unprecedented number of physical and cyber security risks. This session will discuss the methods that electric utilities are using to address the wide variety of risks, with special focus on the program Cyber Mutual Assistance.

The Importance of Security Operations
Tom Utley, Arctic Wolf Networks

In today’s business environment, it’s imperative for organizations of all sizes to have a dynamic online presence. However, with always being connected, there comes real risk to your business. Ransomware attacks, like Petya and WannaCry, have demonstrated how businesses can be brought to a halt by locking access to business-critical data, even with the latest next-generation defenses in place. So, how do you protect yourself? What should you be looking for? In this...

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