Identity Standards & Architectures II

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For the effective and secure Identity management platform, using proper standards, protocols and architectures are necessary. With the Increasing number of regulations and compliance issues, standardization remains an important challenge. Various open and proprietary solutions exist for tackling different challenges within an enterprise. Therefore, it is important to choose the right standard for your company depending on the business model and the necessity. For example, Federated Identity management tries to solve the problem of handling digital identities between a number different trusted domains. Nevertheless, challenges such as implementation and compromised identities remain. 

This session will be dedicated to various identity standards and architectures as well as identity providers. 

Continuing Professional Education Credits:

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After attending this track you will be able to:

  • Understand the process of development of a national digital identity ecosystem on various examples.
  • Describe the role of a government entity in the context of self-sovereign-identity.
  • Understanding the process of writing IAM RFPs.
  • Describe the eIDAS regulations which can be used to the benefit of mass adoption of an identification service.
  • Learn how identity and electronic signatures relate to each other and can strengthen each other.
  • Learn about the new paradigms of Identity and Access Model.

You can get 3 CPEs for this track.


A Digital Society Needs a Digital ID

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 14:30-15:30

A Digital Society Needs a Digital ID
Sylvie Vandevelde, Belgian Mobile ID

Our world is becoming more digital and more mobile every day. The sensitivity of information being exchanged online grows rapidly and data privacy is a real concern to many people. How are we facing new challenges to keep pace with today's digital transformation? Getting rid of all paper flows, taking KYC-process to the next level, improve customers’ experience, introduce a safer way to login and confirm transactions, be compliant with EU regulations and PSD2.  Creating a digital...

How to Write a Good IAM Request for Proposal (RFP)
Claus Nørklit Roed, PwC Denmark

Do you want to hear how we read your RFP’s? As an IAM implementer, PwC reads many RFP’s and wonder why the clients put together the RFP’s  like  they do. In many  cases  clients write requirements which can’t be solved by standard IAM solutions on the market without customization, but  still  require that the solution should be as standard as possible. Or ask for testing that will cost a fortune, but require  low  price. The...

Using eIDAS to Drive Mass Adoption of Identity Solutions
Wim Coulier, eIDAS consultant

With over 750.000  itsme  accounts being created in the first 19 months after the product launch in the small Belgian market, it is clear that the  itsme  Mobile Identity solution is getting mass adoption. Several key success factors were required to get there: the right consortium; a correct mix of product characteristics with appeal for each stakeholder (verified identity, privacy,  user friendliness , security); the setup of a strong ecosystem; but certainly also...

Digital Identity: A Prerequisite for Financial Inclusion and Good Governance? Lesotho Experiences Linking Foundational ID with Functional ID

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 15:30-16:30

Digital Identity: A Prerequisite for Financial Inclusion and Good Governance? Lesotho Experiences Linking Foundational ID with Functional ID
Tumelo Raboletsi, Ministry of Home Affairs of Lesotho

Making Standards Work in the Real World – Examples from Canada and Scotland
Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion

Standards are needed establish interoperable, ubiquitous and inclusive digital identity ecosystems. However, standards suggest that everyone's requirements are the same when they are not. Regulations, customer demographics and existing systems all determine what make work for an organisation. Different sectors, organisations and even services within an organisation can all be different. And yet there is a pressing need for standardisation in order to be able to realise the benefits of...

Canada's True North Strategy for Establishing Interoperability of Third Party Networks For Identity
Andre Boysen, DIACC / SecureKey Technologies

Identity is best solved by a village that connects the best capabilities of the public and private sectors to grow economic opportunities. Governments hold the "book of names" for people and organizations that sets a legal foundation for identity verification. People and organizations perform most of their transactions outside of government contexts. These transactions form the basis of functional or "street" identity. The private sector needs to rely on the public sector for legal identity...

Developing National Digital Identity Initiatives & Ecosystem in the UK - Successes, Challenges & Learnings

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 17:00-18:00

Developing National Digital Identity Initiatives & Ecosystem in the UK - Successes, Challenges & Learnings
Alastair Treharne, Beruku Identity / British Government Digital Service

A perspective on the importance of understanding the needs of customers and users, and how the UK has broadened its national model as the social, economic, political and risk landscape has change markedly in the last 5 years. The UK government originally invested in the development of a digital identity initiative to enable citizens to prove their identity to log into government services. It has now broadened its strategy, its understanding of who its customers are, to focus on...

Panel: Myth Busting with ID Crowd and Friends
Don Thibeau, OpenID Foundation • Colin Wallis, Kantara Initiative • Adam Cooper, ID Crowd • Alastair Treharne, Beruku Identity / British Government Digital Service • David Black, ID Crowd • Gillan Ward, ID Crowd

Synopsis: Since the days of our early ancestors, new frontiers have always been associated with myths, be them dragons, demons or wizards. The world of digital identity is no different, our twitter timelines are full jargon, acronyms and confusing terminology. Much of this is helpful but once in a while a misinformed opinion can take root and spread around the world before the facts have had a chance to get their boots on. This panel will debunk some common myths and...

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