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Blockchain Technology is promising solution for digital identities, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management and more. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) makes Self Sovereign Identities (SSIs) possible, where individuals can keep control of their digital identity and share it whenever they want with whoever they want. Furthermore, it can help large companies in having better transparency and security. Blockchain as a Service is already gaining some traction. Several SSI concepts as well as number of commercial products are being offered on the market already. It remains to be seen how scalability, governance questions and future privacy regulations affect wider adoption of DLT.

This session will present real applications of Blockchain technology, advances made in DLT changing  identity management capabilities and highlight the existing challenges preventing wider adoption of this technology.

Continuing Professional Education Credits:

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After attending this track you will be able to:

  • Describe the applications of Distributed Ledger Technology for Digital Identity.
  • List the challenges facing blockchain technology in digital identity domain.
  • Describe the Decentralized Identity and Self Sovereign Identity concepts.
  • Discuss the range of potential use cases for self-sovereign identity and benefits for consumers, businesses and government.

You can get 2 CPEs for this track.


Self-Sovereign Identity - We've Had It for Thousands of Years. so What's New?

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 11:00-12:00

Self-Sovereign Identity - We've Had It for Thousands of Years. so What's New?
Andrew Tobin, Evernym

Self-sovereign identity isn't new. It's just a new term. People having been carrying credentials around to prove who they are for thousands of years. When we entered the digital age, something weird happened. Our digital credentials became locked up inside databases owned by corporations and governments. We couldn't get at them, and instead had to get by with vastly inferior usernames and passwords.  Compared with physical passports, driving licenses or even business cards, today's...

An Identity Metasystem
Dr. Phil Windley, Brigham Young University

In 2005, Kim Cameron proposed something called an identity metasystem that would serve as the infrastructure for the many context-specific identity systems we have. Such an identity metasystem would not only allow these various identity systems to interoperate but would, importantly, unify the user experience to ensure people were an integral part of the identity exchange and understood what was happening. Now, in 2019 we are on the verge of finally realizing this dream. This talk will talk...

Panel: Current Developments in Blockchain Ecosystem for Digital ID
Dr. Phil Windley, Brigham Young University • Maximilian Möhring, Keyp • Rouven Heck, ConsenSys • Ewan Willars, Innovate Identity • Martin Riedel, Civic

The convergence of digital identity and blockchain technology has caught the imagination of governments, enterprises and developers around the world. Lots of approaches are being tried. But it only works if it all works together. The world needs a digital standard that is as ubiquitous as paper is in the physical world. We need the SMTP of identity that everyone can use, that is open and non-proprietary. This panel will be enlighten the audience about the development efforts that are under...

Why Governments are Still Important Even in a Self-Sovereign Context

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 12:00-13:00

Why Governments are Still Important Even in a Self-Sovereign Context
Adam Cooper, ID Crowd

It’s always been true that identity is more to do with what other people say about you than what you say about yourself. Placing the user in control of their online identity means that we need the ability to reference authoritative sources of data related to those individuals. If we are to build that user centric and much needed version of Digital Identity then Self-sovereign identity, and its more modest Self-managed form, will need the support of Governments and...

Do People Really Want to Be in Charge of Their Identity?
John Erik Setsaas, Signicat AS

Shared Ledger Technology is increasingly mature, but remains a relatively under-deployed technology in the digital identity space. The emergence of self-sovereign identity approaches, underpinned and powered by shared ledgers, offer new and exciting solutions to establishing digital identities. As both technologies gain greater mainstream focus, will the combination of the two approaches unlock genuinely consumer-focused identity solution? Moving away from large centrally managed...

Self-Sovereign Identity: A New Dawn for Shared Ledger Technologies?
Ewan Willars, Innovate Identity

Munich, Germany


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