Zero Trust: Introducing a New Way of Thinking Into Your Cyber Strategy

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Companies remain under constant threat from different attack vectors. The traditional defence mechanisms which focus on outside threats consider the inside of their network to be secure. Unfortunately, the new and more sophisticated types of cyber-attacks can exploit this weakness and extract sensitive information from within the network. By implementing a Zero Trust approach of ‘never trust, always verify’, companies can better secure the access to their assets. In this session, we will introduce this new security paradigm which may help your cybersecurity strategy.


From Network Protection to Data Security

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Time: 11:10-12:10

From Network Protection to Data Security
Paul Simmonds, KuppingerCole

"Zero Trust" is the latest security buzzword from the vendors marketing department; but what it actually means for you means should vary depending on your business requirements. Properly aligning security architecture to enable the business strategy of the organisation is the key to deliver a Zero Trust architecture. But the solution could be anything from implementing identity-aware firewalls to the extremes of "BeyondCorp"; Google's firewall-less global network when the security posture...

Predictive Governance – Leveraging the Power of Identity Analytics
Klaus Hild, SailPoint

In this presentation, SailPoint will explain why Identity Analytics will change the way companies will think about CyberSecurity, by adapting ‘Predictive Governance’. Predictive Governance will enable organizations to be more effective and efficient at governing access without increasing the risk.

Path to Zero Trust Security - Data Veracity, When Truth Is Essential and Trust Optional

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Time: 12:10-13:10

Path to Zero Trust Security - Data Veracity, When Truth Is Essential and Trust Optional
Dragan Pendic, Accenture

Businesses are more data-driven than ever, but inaccurate and manipulated information threatens to compromise the insights that companies rely on to plan, operate, and grow. Unverified digital resource is a new type of vulnerability - one that is  chronically overlooked by digital enterprises. With autonomous, data-driven decision making, the potential harm from unverified digital resources become an enterprise-level existential threat. And then, there's a wider cybersecurity aspect...

Panel - Risk Assessment and Security Design
Dr. Torsten George, Centrify • Dragan Pendic, Accenture • Paul Simmonds, KuppingerCole

Zero Trust Security assumes that nothing in a companies ITinfrastructure like including users, endpoint devices, networks, and resources, is ever trusted. All interactions must be verified to decrease the chance of a security breach. Zero Trust Security ensures secure access to resources while significantly reducing the possibility of access by bad actors. In this paneldiscussion we will discuss the considerations companies should make before implementing Zero Trust Security...

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