GDPR at Work: Managing Consumer Identities

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Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 14:30-15:30

GDPR, Blockchain & The Right to be Forgotten
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole

A World without Identity and Access Management systems is unimaginable in our time. Just as in corporate environments, customer environments are highly depended on identity providers like Google or Facebook. But topics like access management are especially important in corporate environments. The main concept though is still trust. People have to trust that a main server for an IAM system is highly available, they have to trust their IT admins to not mess around with their data, and they...

Panel: How to Interact with your Customer without Comprising Privacy
Rooly Eliezerov, Gigya • Dr. Ina Nikolova, PATECCO • Lewis Barr, Janrain • Wouter de Wit, OneWelcome

Building an identity and access management strategy is a key factor to comply with the GDPR, to manage customer identities and to help improve the business’s view of its customer and its relationship with them. There are some more challenges for companies which will be adopting and implementing GDPR privacy guidelines: They should improve data management practices, data quality and privacy governance. They should be responsible for establishment, control, and governance of...

Consent - What Does it Mean in a Digital World?

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 15:30-16:30

Consent - What Does it Mean in a Digital World?
Tony Fish, Digital20 • Lubna Dajani, Allternet Ltd.

The purpose of this talk will be to explore the ideologies of consent in a digital context, about when should Forgiveness or Approval be used as an appropriate consent method. Specifically, when a third party needs permission to use/ has used your data and what this means for company cultures and values. The talk will also look at how a layered consent model is needed and what that means for customer experiance Key Takeaways: what consent means in a digital world they type of...

Consent Management Solutions - Best Current Practices
Andrew Hughes, Ping Identity

Privacy and data protection laws allow for collection and processing of an individual’s personal information given proper notice and consent. Consent to process data is a powerful justification in regulations such as GDPR: it can be used to enrich the user experience and remove doubt about intent. However, there is currently no broadly-accepted standard for management of consent in online systems. The Kantara Initiative Consent Management Solutions Work Group is gathering current...

Panel: How to decide between Consent and Contract as a Lawful basis for Processing under GDPR
Colin Wallis, Kantara Initiative • Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist • CornĂ© van Rooij, iWelcome

This panel session will bring together legal and technical experts, together with digital business representatives to discuss the changes in guidance pointing towards Contract and away from Consent. The panel will discuss various use case examples that support the use of Contract vs the use of Consent as lawful bases for processing personal data. The panel will then discuss the range of tools and options available to implement them. Key Takeaways: The pros and cons of Contract vs...

Bridging Blockchain Identity & eIDAS Infrastructures

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 17:00-18:00

Bridging Blockchain Identity & eIDAS Infrastructures
Peter Kolarov, finID

Self sovereign decentralised identities with verified claims on blockchain are slowly becoming reality. On the other hand, the concept of decentralised identities has been around for a while and in EU we already have frameworks and some existing technologies with capabilities to support this concept. Taking this into consideration, it appears that at least in EU we can accelerate the real world traction of SSIDs with blockchain-based proofs by bridging already deployed eIDAS compatible...

CIAM 2.0
Corné van Rooij, iWelcome

There are currently two strong winds blowing through the Consumer Identity world as we know it. One is clearly stronger privacy and data protection laws, GDPR in Europe being a good example of it. Such an important topic has already influenced the capabilities CIAM systems need to have and introduced the new topic of Consent management. The other strong wind is clearly Digital Transformation. With many companies integrating digital technology into all areas of their business, this...

Closing Remarks
Dr. Barbara Mandl, FOSTER FORE

Munich, Germany


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