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From Blind Spots to Full Overview – Access Governance in Cloud and Hybrid Scenarios

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 11:00-12:00

From Blind Spots to Full Overview – Access Governance in Cloud and Hybrid Scenarios
Dr. Martin Kuhlmann, Omada

In the recent past we have seen serious data breaches on cloud platforms and in cloud apps, based on inappropriate partner access rights or misconfigured permissions. This is a clear confirmation that many companies still need to work on extending their governance procedures to the cloud and to partner and customer user populations. In this session you will get the details on how to address the challenges related to a hybrid IT environment, where employees, partners and customers are using...

Redefining Identity Governance for the Digital Era
Jonathan Neal, Saviynt

Digital transformation and cloud initiatives are driving business and technology innovation. Identity Governance plays a critical role in achieving security and compliance, while business adopts innovative technologies. Learn how to secure your digital business and manage "digital risk" with next generation Identity Governance solution.

So I've bought that Identity Governance tool. Now how do I start?
Hans-Robert Vermeulen, SailPoint

In this session, Hans-Robert Vermeulen, senior solution engineer for SailPoint, will be discussing what it takes to successfully deploy an identity governance solution, including what foundation needs to be in place as well as what common technical and business pitfalls you may encounter along your identity journey. The session will conclude with best practices for ensuring the successful roll-out of your identity governance program within the first 3-4 months of deployment.

Identity Solved. What Next? Tackling your Toughest Authorization Challenges

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 Time: 12:00-13:00

Identity Solved. What Next? Tackling your Toughest Authorization Challenges
David Brossard, Axiomatics AB

Over the last decade, IT has grown from being a support function to being at the core of any business. Car manufacturers are morphing into transportation service industries; IoT and mobile has evolved from a luxury item for the executive few to an indispensable accessory. Everything is digital: plane tickets, ledgers, medical records, bank accounts, education, credit checks, and even votes in some places. With so many digital services being offered, so much data being generated, and so...

Authorization for the IoT: The OAuth Device Grant Flow
Scott Brady, Rock Solid Knowledge

OAuth is well established as the go to protocol for API security, but there are still a few application types out there that struggle to securely fit into the OAuth story. This includes devices where user input is tricky, where data entry uses a tv remote control, and everyone gets to see you slowly type in your password. Or devices where there is no browser, where the dreaded Resource Owner Password Credentials grant type still reigns. Finally, there is a solution, with the all new...

From Silos and Warehousing to Just-in-time: Disclosing Entity Relations
Thorsten Niebuhr, WedaCon

Even though it may currently seem that solving GDPR challenges is all we need to take care of - there are a few more challenges related to IAM and its infrastructures that need to be solved, whether related to Consumer or Enterprise Identities or IoT Devices and many more contexts. For sure, there is no 'one size fits it all' solution, but some of the technologies and new paradigms will help shaping tomorrows landscape and its view on identities Key Takeaways: why on-premise...

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