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The 5 Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 14:30-15:30

The 5 Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management
Brian Chappell, BeyondTrust

For years, security experts have outlined the best practices for privileged access management in an effort to reduce problems associated with the abuse of privileged credentials. Despite this, IT organizations continue to struggle with privileged access management. Take a look inside any large enterprise and you’ll likely find that passwords are still not under complete control, users with administrator privileges are still causing problems and far too many system vulnerabilities open...

Best Practice in Privileged Access Management
Helmut Brachhaus, PATECCO

In a time of rapid digital transformation, a lot of organizations face challenges managing privileged accounts. To strictly control, protect, monitor, and manage them, such companies use Privileged Account Management (PAM). Typical stipulations for the handling of privileged identities and users as well as accounts can be found in industry-specific standards as well as in regulations and laws. Stricter legal regulations and regulatory standards require aggregation of data and event...

Reducing Downtimes While Increasing Security in Industrial Systems with PAM
Markus Westphal, Wallix

The most interesting topic for plant managers and industry responsible are how to reduce downtime and how to protect industry systems for attacks. In this presentation we will go through hints how PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution can help to reduce downtimes of industry machines while increasing the whole security. PAM as an alternative to VPN and older remote access solutions.

It’s time for IAM to Grow Up! 3 Steps to an Evolved Identity Strategy

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 15:30-16:30

It’s time for IAM to Grow Up! 3 Steps to an Evolved Identity Strategy
Stephen Mowll, RSA

Digital transformations. Identity assurance. Risk-based IAM…We hear a lot of exciting buzzwords and “trends in IAM” today, however, the reality is that many organizations are struggling to take their identity strategy beyond the basics of simple access requests, user provisioning, and basic 2FA for a few privileged users. It’s time for IAM to grow up to meet the security and regulatory demands of today and future-proof for tomorrow. In this session, you will learn...

Empower IAM to Serve your Business Needs
Marc Vanmaele, TrustBuilder Corporation

The distributed world we’re living in requires a new style of IAM, flexible enough to quickly adapt to ever changing requirements, without impacting the applications infrastructure in use. Allow internal and external users seamless access to local, mobile and Cloud services from multiple devices, using IDs and credentials from various sources. Consumers are increasingly using their social IDs to access services and resources. You need to be able to reach your users through any...

Measuring the success of Governance
Paul Walker, Clear Skye

If your organisation is not currently measuring the success of Identity and Access Governance (IAG), you are not alone. Some organisations labour under the illusion that their IAG is working well, simply because they have been lucky enough to avoid any major issues. Others might attempt to measure the impact of IAG on risks such as data breaches but this does not extend to what matters most to the business - growth. Building a business case with tangible ROI metrics for ongoing IAG is a...

Extending OAuth2 to meet PSD2 Identity Security Requirements

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 17:30-18:30

Extending OAuth2 to meet PSD2 Identity Security Requirements
Michel Girier, Wavestone

The new Payment Services Directive 2 is compelling European banking actors to open their services to outside partners. Most banking actors were not fully ready for the exposition of the services that were, until then, strongly kept for inside use. Some initiatives such as Open Banking(UK) and STET(FR) have established OAuth2 as the main standard for authentication, authorization and user consent. However all requirements cannot be directly addressed by the current state of the...

PSD2 Finally Enforced – Here is How to Get Started
Jordi Gascon, CA Technologies

PSD2 will revolutionize the portability of Identity not only for the banking industry but for everyone. While the intent is to increase participation in the payments industry but architecting for PSD2 will change the way consumer identity is shared, protected and self-managed. In this session, we will explore the requirements of PSD2, best practices for achieving these requirements and we will demonstrate a testbed for PSD2 that can enable fast adoption.

The Customer: Your New Boss Under the GDPR
Yaron Gur-Ari, Gigya

In an era of fake news, data breaches, and the GDPR, earning consumers’ trust is a “must.” Come to this session to discover the SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya, your comprehensive solution for capturing consent and preferences, enabling customer control of personal data, and turning consumer data privacy into your market advantage.

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