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Decentralized Identity for the Enterprise

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 11:00-12:00

Decentralized Identity for the Enterprise
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole

Your Enterprise IAM is resilient to the Blockchain hype? No, it isn’t. Imagine a world where employees bring their own Blockchain ID – that is where BYOI becomes a reality. Imagine a world where the work contract is related to a Blockchain ID and what that would mean for you joiner, mover, and leaver processes. Imagine a world where managing access can be automated based on smart contracts. There are plenty options. Most of them still uncovered. But once you start looking at what...

Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges with Sovrin & Corda
Antti Kettunen, Tieto

Some major challenges have been bugging businesses in the digital age. How to digitally master organizational relationships, how to enable more efficient and scalable digital interactions. Project Mercury is a Finnish ecosystem project which solved some of these challenges with the latest distributed technologies: Sovrin & Corda. In this session we will see a demo and dig deeper into how we in practice demonstrated creation of digital organization identifiers, decentralized digital...

The Sovrin Experience: a Trust Service Provider Perspective
Luca Boldrin, InfoCert

InfoCert’s core offering, as an EU Trust Service Provider -TSP, includes qualified certificates, time stamps, digital preservation, electronic delivery and identity management services – the kind of „centralized“ trust services many expect the blockchain to supplant. This is not necessarily the case: Sovrin provides a bright example of a distributed infrastructure which enables an ecosystem of Trusted Records issuers and consumers. Following this vision, InfoCert...

Multi-sourced Identity and the Sovrin Identity Model
Nathan George, Sovrin Foundation

Blockchain ID, Privacy and Security

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 12:00-13:00

Blockchain ID, Privacy and Security
Katherine Noall, Sphere Identity

Digital Identity is the critical foundation for most transactions in business and social contexts. Blockchain based identity systems seem to better address requirements such as scaleability, reliability and governance when it comes to billions of users in the digital world. Distributing trust is a new way of managing digital IDs. It enables humans to gain control over the usage of personally identifiably information (PII) which relates to them. In this Session, we will find out wether and...

Legal Implications of Self-Sovereign Identity on Liability, GDPR and Trust Frameworks
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Renieris, University of Notre Dame

Munich, Germany


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