The Enterprise IAM Evolution

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Many Enterprise IAM implementations are well-aged. They serve to the traditional needs, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Challenges frequently found include complex customization; performance issues; outdated user interfaces; and the inability to serve new requirements, from efficient access recertification to consumer identities/CIAM integration or GDPR support. This holds true for both Enterprise IAM that is build on COTS software and implementations that are home-grown.

On the other hand, there rarely is a place for a rip-and-replace approach to a new IAM. It is not that everything is bad. It is not that nothing is there. It is about modernizing the Enterprise IAM and moving to the next level, ensuring that this evolution works smoothly and is not disruptive to the business and all the applications relying on the Enterprise IAM today.

This track will look in depth at the various aspects to consider in this journey, from the big picture for all of IAM including Consumer IAM to selecting the right tools, finding the right talent, and running the transition program. It is about providing the information you need to leverage what you have to the next level of IAM.


The KuppingerCole IAM Blueprint

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 11:00-12:00

The KuppingerCole IAM Blueprint
Dan Blum, KuppingerCole

In this session, Martin Kuppinger will show the KuppingerCole IAM blueprint. This blueprint serves as a high-level architectural view on IAM, mapping use cases, capabilities, and technical building blocks. It helps organizations to understand where to best split the IAM. It helps understanding which building blocks are required for supporting urging business demands and thus prioritizing investments. It helps aligning Enterprise IAM and Consumer IAM initiatives. This big picture provides the...

Trends in Digital Identity Strategies
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders, Independent

Strategic overview of the Identity landscape and trends. Digital identity used to be mainly revolving around a simple user account, with the objective to claim access to a system. How is digital identity evolving in the technical landscape of today, and how do biometrics, new legislation and new authentication technologies, self-sovereign identity and other elements play together to solve business problems most banks are confronted with? Some of the practical use cases and scenarios.

How to Transform Your Data Protection Program Under GDPR
Mans Hakansson, PlainID

As GDPR is officially in place as of May 2018, many organizations have already taken the steps to formalize security requirements and security implementation to effectively comply with the GDPR legislation. This includes putting security controls in place that can safeguard the rights and privacy of the data subjects (the citizens and employees) as well as helping the data controllers and processors minimize the risks of storing and handling sensitive PII (Personal Identifiable Information)...

Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 12:00-13:00

Moving Identity Talent Development Beyond the Basics
Olaf Grewe, Deutsche Bank

Larger, consolidated Identity and Access departments are emerging under either the CTO or CSO, as organisations attempt to realise the potential of digital business processes. Their people thus receive foundational training focused on a CTO or CSO agenda, but a clear I&A curriculum is missing. This talk will outline the challenges this implies in terms of talent acquisition and productivity. We will further provide ideas for crowdsourcing an I&A-focused curriculum and how to...

What Every ID Professional Should Know
Steve Hutchinson, GE Digital

New global regulations and daily reports of security breaches have elevated the need for organizations to develop identity professionals. It’s a difficult practice to learn, however, as most ID pros developed their skills through tribal knowledge ... usually by first learning a particular vendor product and then backing into the art of identity management. The lack of an established curriculum continues to restrict the growth of our industry. The new IDPro organization seeks to change...

The Identity Profession and Professionals
Pamela Dingle, Microsoft • Andrew Hindle, IDPro • Olaf Grewe, Deutsche Bank • Steve Hutchinson, GE Digital

When you aren’t too busy provisioning users, running access certification campaigns, setting up federations, enabling social sign-on, managing privileged accounts, and all of the other critical tasks you do, you might ask yourself: What is the professional of identity management? What does it mean to be an identity management professional? How do I become better at what I do? How do I make my identity-related programs more successful? In this panel, identity professionals will discuss...

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