Identity-Enabled Information Management

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Identity Enabled Information Management within the Max Planck Society

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008 Time: 10:30-11:30

Identity Enabled Information Management within the Max Planck Society
Dr. Thomas Soddemann, Max Planck Society

As service providers for the scientific communities in the Max Planck we are faced with a growing demand for access to distributed resources. Among these we find computing resources as well as various types of data bases, archives and infrastructure components (e.g. networks, sensor arrays, experiment controls). Providing a scalable infrastructure for accessing information in general is the challenge we are going to meet. It is self-evident that authentication and authorization play a major...

DRM versus Information Protection
Thilo Müller, E.ON IS

During an innovation project, E.ON IS has been examining the integration of two different approaches to access information at application level: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Data Flow Protection (DFP). In this business case study, the challenges implementing a DRM solution in a complex AD structure and the use cases where we see a need for it will be examined. Furthermore, I will explain why a simple USB protection solution is not enough to protect data flowing through an enterprise....

Virtual Directories and Beyond

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2008 Time: 11:30-12:30

Virtual Directories and Beyond
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole • Dale Olds, Novell • Sampo Kellomäki, ZXID Open Source • Michel Prompt, Radiant Logic • Dave Kearns, KuppingerCole • Jackson Shaw, Clear Skye

Dale Olds recently wrote in his blog about the need for an Identity Bus, describing it as "[...] a system that allows for loose coupling between identity data publishers and consumers in sequence where there is no single point of administrative control. It’s a way of passing identity data between a number of control points. It is explicitly about moving beyond hub tools like meta/virtual/directories." Sampo Kellomäki added: "In removing political single point of...


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