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Does Identity Management need the blockchain? Yes it does. The question is: Where, when and how. This track will provide you with the answers

  • Blockchain Identity: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) as an alternative to traditional trust models
  • Enabling the user to deal at eye-level with your business
  • GDPR compliant and auditable consent management through the blockchain


Choosing the Right Blockchain

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 11:00-12:00

Choosing the Right Blockchain
Jeff Stollman, RMTM

Common wisdom in the IT community is that Blockchain technology is a single entity and that it holds promise for solving most previously unsolved problems. In fact, Blockchain is not a single entity; it is a suite of techniques, many of which have numerous variants. And even picking the right techniques and their applicable variants will not solve all problems. In this presentation, we breakdown the components of blockchain and describe where each may apply. And we also discuss the pros and...

Decentralized Identity Problems and Solutions
Drummond Reed, Avast

This session will cover the important problems and misconceptions of distributed ledger based identity, and how they can be solved. It sets the scene for the context for the rest of the day, and covers: Permissioned versus permissionless ledgers Governance The need for trust Correlation risk Anonymity Verifiable Claims Selective Disclosure Anonymous Revocation

Introducing Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) as an Alternative to Existing Trust Models

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 12:00-13:00

Introducing Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) as an Alternative to Existing Trust Models
Dr. Phil Windley, Brigham Young University

This talk will discuss sovereignty as a foundational model for a new kind of identity system that not only establishes all entities as peers, but also provides the means of using verifiable claims to build trustworthy relationships. A self-soversign identity system with verifiable claims provides increased privacy and control for individuals, more transparent consent, opens new opportunities for relying parties and third party claims providers, and reduces or eliminates integration costs...

SAFE-­‐BioPharma and Peer Ledger’s Blockchain Identity Translation Services
Prof. Dr. Dawn Jutla, Peer Ledger

Blockchain is more than just the technology behind Bitcoin. It’s a powerful foundation for a trusted Internet. At Peer Ledger, we strengthen trust by marrying Blockchain with several generations of existing identity management infrastructure. Peer Ledger Blockchain Identity Management Software maps real identities to Blockchain identities and provides integration software between two trust architectures. That means that existing credentials of individuals throughout an organization can...

Blockchain - Trusted Identities in KYC-Processes
Oliver Naegele, Blockchain-Helix

Identity management on the Blockchain is one of the main use cases that are discussed at the moment. Blockchain Helix has build a solution to introduce legal identities in the way that the data gets stored with the Blockchain in a distributed authority. The process is highly compliant and user driven and introduces the concept of a shared workforce to interoperate data between service providers. Identities are related to sub-identities or avatars in order to act as IoT devices, business...

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