Architecting the Digital Enterprise: Securing Cloud, Data & Mobility

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Being competitive today means building an enterprise that is capable of taking full advantage of the "5 forces", Cloud, Mobile, Social, Analytics and the Internet of Things. Harnessing these 5 forces requires a holistic view on the business side, on technology, on the risks involved, and on different cultures.

In this track, we will together create an action plan on how to work through the almost incomprehensible mountains of systems, platforms, processes and roles, towards a light and agile architecture for the digital enterprise.

After attending this session block, you will be able to:

  • List the top Cloud security and privacy concerns and the measures to reduce those risks.
  • Discuss the developing field of Mobile Identity, the risks posed and the solutions needed.
  • Describe the benefits of Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMK).
  • List the risks in the software development lifecycle and the solutions that mitigate risk.


Customer-Managed Encryption Keys: Controlling Your Data’s Privacy in the Cloud

Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 Time: 14:30-15:30

Customer-Managed Encryption Keys: Controlling Your Data’s Privacy in the Cloud
Dan Plastina, Microsoft • Richard Anstey, Intralinks

Businesses put a lot of trust in the cloud, believing that, as paying customers, they will enjoy total protection from hackers and law enforcement agencies trying to access their private data. But the majority of cloud providers who encrypt data have full control over encryption keys and could – if required to – access and share the data. This is a risk many businesses are unaware of. It also means CISOs in industries handling very sensitive data cannot take advantage of the...

Best Practice: From Zero to Secure in 1 Minute
Nir Valtman, NCR Corporation

Cloud instances lifecycles are accelerating fast. Cloud providers are competing among them by switching to by-the-minute server billing instead of hourly billing. This means that servers should be installed, launched, process and terminate and all within a range of minutes. This new accelerated life cycle makes traditional security processes such as periodic patches, vulnerability scanning, hardening and forensics impossible. In this accelerated lifecycle, there are no maintenance windows...

Best Practice: A Hybrid Enterprise in a Cloud First World

Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 Time: 15:30-16:30

Best Practice: A Hybrid Enterprise in a Cloud First World
Brian Puhl, Microsoft

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might even pick up a useful nugget or two listening to a real-world enterprise IT architect share the experiences of the past year trying to support his business migrating to cloud services, and sharing the lessons learned from trying to integrate 2 hybrid enterprises into a single, streamlined company. You’ll hear where the cloud came through for us, and how we often had to fall back to on-prem services such as FIM, Ping Federate, and ADFS...

Identity-as-a-Service Securing PostNL’s 100% Cloud Strategy
Theo Punter, PostNL

PostNL deals in letters, parcels and everything related to letters and parcels. PostNL is with 60.000 employees and 3.4 billion of revenues the leader in The Netherlands and PostNL also works in Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Volumes in the letters business are declining and therefor cost cutting and having flexibility in cost both in Business and in IT are a key target for PostNL. For this reason, PostNL announced a 100% go to Cloud strategy where execution will...

The Future of Directory Services: Data Models - Performance - Security

Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 Time: 17:30-18:30

The Future of Directory Services: Data Models - Performance - Security
Peter Gietz, DAASI International GmbH • Thorsten Niebuhr, WedaCon • Andrew Ferguson, KuppingerCole Asia Pacific

While there hasn’t been much news around directory services in the last decade, we see new momentum in this area, driven by two challenges and both related to the “hyberconnected” enterprise that has to manage identities of consumer, things, devices etc. and their relationships. One challenge is performance. Managing some thousand employees or even tens of thousands or a few hundred thousand is fairly different from managing tens of millions of customers, billions of...

Business Critical Application Security
Christian Patrascu, Symantec • Gerhard Unger, Onapsis Inc. • Dr. Sridhar Muppidi, IBM Security • Carsten Olt, SECUDE GmbH

Most transactions take place on business-critical applications and infrastructure, producing data and information with the highest possible value for attackers. Protecting these applications and infrastructure is a fundamental part of each corporate security strategy. In this session we will talk about the real security challenges facing your business critical infrastructure, i.e. your SAP or Oracle system, how mitigate the risks involved and prevent against threats.


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