Cyber Security Leadership

  •  TYPE: Track    START DATE: Thursday, May 15, 2014     START TIME: 14:30    LOCATION:  AMMERSEE I
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The way how we have to understand Cyber Security today, means much more than just IT-Security, which tries to draw a defense line against known threat patterns, in order to protect networks and computers. As technology is touching virtually every aspect of our life and business, the dependence on ubiquituous, secure connectivity is growing ore and more and requires our infrastructures to be more resilient against cyber attacks. 

This year´s EIC, for the first time will offer a full day track on Cyber Security Leadership, providing you with insight into a holistic multi-level approach to a well balanced strategy for more information and communication security.


The Next Generation of Privacy Tools: What can we expect?

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014 Time: 14:30-15:30

The Next Generation of Privacy Tools: What can we expect?
Kim Cameron, • Dr. Scott David, LL.M., KuppingerCole • Nat Sakimura, OpenID Foundation • Ladar Levison, Lavabit

Our current computing and communications infrastructure is fairly robust with regards to resiliency, but still very fragile with regards to privacy, surveillance and espionage. Knowledge about vulnerabilities and the way to exploit them has become widespread, and even less skilled individuals and organizations are able to spy on us. Information Security has matured in the past years, with encrypted connections to routers and to servers becoming more familiar while end-to-end-encryption is...

Security Software as a Risk

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014 Time: 15:30-16:30

Security Software as a Risk
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl, softScheck GmbH

Successfully attacking an IT system requires exploitable vulnerabilities. Software always contains such vulnerabilities. As all networking and security to some extent is based on software, such as firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection and protection systems, security infrastructure should be seen as a threat in itself. This has been shown by multi-level systematic security tests on a wide range of security products. The need for patching after security products are delivered is...

Application Security – Beyond Secure Configurations and Access Controls.
Peter J. Wirnsperger, Deloitte

Protecting your Applications Against the Threat of Attacks and Data Breaches
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl, softScheck GmbH • Peter J. Wirnsperger, Deloitte • Juergen Vollmer, Security & Quality Software GmbH

Everything we talk about during this conference, is based on software. Even more, we see clear trends towards a "Software Defined EVerything", replacing specialized hardware with software solutions. Therefore, to protect your business against espionage, attacks and data breaches, you must address applications security challenges. In this expert panel, we will draw an outline of an application security program leading your enterprise through the age of  cloud, mobile, social.  

Building your SOC: Realtime Security Intelligence On-Premise and/or as a Service?

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014 Time: 17:00-18:00

Building your SOC: Realtime Security Intelligence On-Premise and/or as a Service?
Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, KuppingerCole

Building a SOC (Security Operations Center) is a tremendous challenge. But this is not only (and maybe not even primarily) about technology. As always, it is also about organization and about people. Do you have the skill sets in your organization to successfully run your SOC? The people who not only understand a single piece of security technology such as a firewall, but that have both the breadth and depth required for successfully building and running a SOC? Breadth, to understand the...

Plan, Build, run. What Makes up a Real SOC?
Reto Bachmann, One Identity • Amar Singh, KuppingerCole • Jason Hill, VMware

Many organizations believe they need a SOC (Security Operations Center). But do they? And if yes, what makes up a real SOC? Which are the main and mandatory tasks of a SOC? Understanding the role a SOC plays in Information and IT Security is the first step to success – it is about plan, before building and running it. The panelists will discuss the scoping of SOCs, based on their best practice experience.


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