Cyber Security Leadership

  •  TYPE: Track    START DATE: Thursday, May 15, 2014     START TIME: 11:00    LOCATION:  AMMERSEE I
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The way how we have to understand Cyber Security today, means much more than just IT-Security, which tries to draw a defense line against known threat patterns, in order to protect networks and computers. As technology is touching virtually every aspect of our life and business, the dependence on ubiquituous, secure connectivity is growing ore and more and requires our infrastructures to be more resilient against cyber attacks. 

This year´s EIC, for the first time will offer a full day track on Cyber Security Leadership, providing you with insight into a holistic multi-level approach to a well balanced strategy for more information and communication security.

Continuing Education Credits

Prerequisites: None
Advance Preparation: None
Learning Level: Intermediate
Field: Computer Science

After attending this block of sessions you will be able to:

  • Describe how BT is using best practices to protect against today´s and tomorrow´s cyber-threats.
  • Explain why SIEM failed - and why we need real-time security intelligence.
  • Explain why the 4A Vision (Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone, on Any device) for security is important and why it has been a challenge.
  • Describe how Big Data Information Security Analytics can protect your enterprise from cyber-attacks and threats.

This block qualifies for up to 2 Group Learning based CPEs depending on the number of sessions you attend.


Cyber Security Best Practice in the Light of Snowden's Revelations

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014 Time: 11:00-12:00

Cyber Security Best Practice in the Light of Snowden's Revelations
Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, KuppingerCole • Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl, softScheck GmbH

Getting the Basics Right: How we are Protecting BT Against Today´s and Tomorrow´s Cyber Threats
Aernout Reymer, BT

Metcalfe's law is effectively at work when it comes to Cyber Security.  By working together across industries we can emulate this law, just like the cyber bad guys do and have the law work in our favour, as it certainly is working against us through the combined forces of cyber criminals, nation estates and hacktivists.  Aernout Reymer, Head of Security at BT Global Services discusses the latest trends and the future in cyber, and comes with ideas to collaborate, join forces and...

Why SIEM failed - and why we need Realtime Security Intelligence

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014 Time: 12:00-13:00

Why SIEM failed - and why we need Realtime Security Intelligence
Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, KuppingerCole

There is no doubt about the fact that SIEM (Security Incident/Information and Event Monitoring) failed in delivering on its promises. Many projects failed entirely, while others started big and ended small. There are also success stories, but finally it turned out that SIEM is a tool, not a solution. In a world of increasing security threats and advanced types of complex attacks, there are too few people who can set up a working solution based on a tool only. This requires too much...

Prescription Security Lenses for the 4A Vision: Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone, on Any Device
Dragan Pendic, Accenture

Why the 4A Vision (Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone, on Any device) has been a challenge Urgency for contex-aware security and security individuals with the equivalent mindset Deficiencies and opportunities for improvement of traditional security technical measures

Big Data for Information Security: Preventing your Enterprise from Cyber Attacks and Threats
Yuval Illuz, ECI Telecom

A Cyber Intelligence Analytics layer, based on Big Data Analytics is something that is missed today in the InfoSec area. Those analytics provide organizations with deep insights into attacks and threats at a level which governments typically utilize. ´Under the radar´ attacks and threats can be translated into patterns and insights, only when utilizing a pro-active approach and analysis of Big Data - varied and historical, and unique algorithms and metrics. Cyber Analysts create...


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