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1st European Identity Conference

Track VII: SOA, Federation & Identity as a Service


Service Oriented Architecture
09.05.2007 11:00-12:00

Identity Management - Vision 2010: Identity as a Service
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole

Identity Management and SOA ? a Winning Combination for the Agile Enterprise
Stuart Boardman, KPN
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) raises new challenges for Identity and Access Management (IAM) but equally IAM represents a challenge, which has yet to be properly addressed in SOA. SOA is first and foremost about delivering business agility – the ability to respond in good time and at acceptable cost to rapid and not always predictable change. Successful enterprises don’t try to avoid change – they embrace it. Every aspect of the agile enterprise must be agile: the...

Service Oriented Identity
09.05.2007 12:00-13:00

Managing Identities along Supply Chains - Automotive Industry
Prof. Dr. Ottmar Beckmann, Volkswagen AG • Dave Miller, Covisint • Christian Emig, Universität Karlsruhe
The way that businesses are supporting business relationships is changing rapidly. Business is increasingly extending the enterprise outside of the traditional boundaries to allow greater access to services, systems and information. Simply put, business is about making decisions. Extending the enterprise to incorporate customers, partners, employees, regulators and investors is a requirement for this improved performance. Tighter integration, closer relationships and more open communication...

Service Oriented Identity - From Software to (managed) Services
Don Schmidt, Microsoft • Bilhar Mann, CA Technologies • Archie Reed, HP

Virtual Directories & SOA
09.05.2007 14:00-15:00

Loosely Coupling Applications through Identity Information - The Future Role of Virtual Directories
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole • Felix Gaehtgens, Axiomatics • Tor Even Dahl, MaXware • Miroslav Jokic, MaXware • Michel Prompt, Radiant Logic • Christian Patrascu, Oracle Corp.

Service Oriented Identity - Vendor Panel
09.05.2007 15:00-16:00

SOA, Federation + IAM ? the Vendor?s Vision
Dr. Teodor Dumitrescu, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

High Availability
09.05.2007 16:30-17:30

How to deploy a bullet-proof, fail-safe Directory Infrastructure
Felix Gaehtgens, Axiomatics
Directories are absolutely critical for Identity management and authentication and authorisation. Problems arising in the directory infrastructure have a dramatic effect on the productivity of any company: people cannot log in, and services cannot be provided. Each minute of loss in productivity quickly adds up in terms of money. In this presentation, Felix talks about making directory infrastructure bullet proof. Over the years, he has gathered extensive experience in multiple clients and...

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Information Classification and Secure Information Sharing
To stay competitive, modern businesses must be increasingly connected to their business partners, suppliers, current and future customers and even smart devices (or things). New digital businesses therefore have to be agile and connected.
KC EXTEND shows how the integration of new external partners and clients in your IAM can be done while at the same time the support of the operational business is ensured.
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