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European Identity Conference 2011

Best Practices


IAM Services@Daimler: A continuous Journey
11.05.2011 14:00-15:00

IAM Services@Daimler: A continuous Journey
Udo Guenther, Daimler AG

Information Governance at Work - Using iDevices in the Hospital
Andrew Turner, UK National Health Service (NHS)

Identity Management Implementations, Telco Industry
11.05.2011 15:00-16:00

Implementation of Identity Management at Telefónica O2 Czech Republic
Vit Radek, Telefónica O2 Czech Republic • Jakub Balada, Siemens IT Solutions and Services
Vit will cover in his best practice presentation the implementation of Identity Management at Telefónica O2 Czech Republic. It covers all project phases starting from business case to production and approaches used in implementation and operation. Requirements for TO2 CR solution cover: specific dependencies between multiple accounts in several AD domains management of administrative and shared accounts unified user interface for accesses to all systems (including systems...

IAM in Telenor -- Strategies and Execution
André Arnes, Telenor Key Partner
Telenor is a thought leader in Telecom in Europe. Telenor is the 6th largest mobile carrier globally with over 40,000 employees, 20,000 partners, across 14 countries. Telenor is a global company with both tightly and loosely coupled subsidiaries and has had many of the very typical challenges for the area of IAM. These include standardizing and normalizing the sets of users, for enabling provisioning and easy access to collaboration services from various operating companies, as well as...

Best Practice for a Successful Implementation of an Identity Management System at a Global Player
11.05.2011 16:30-17:30

Best Practice for a Successful Implementation of an Identity Management System at a Global Player
Stephanie Jaecks, Bayer BBS
Bayer is a global player with a large number of employees and legal entities. The IAM tool suite is intended to be simple and group-wide aligned. Since IAM is not differentiating between subgroup businesses, there is a right of way before existing specific subgroup / legal entity solutions. IAM has a specific focus on usability, reflecting the sporadic usage of a normal IT user. Access management strives for a role-based approach to automate the assignment / de-assignment of authorizations...

Security and IAM from an Enterprise Architecture Perspective
Ingo Arnold, Novartis
  Context – contextual forces that companies are challenged with nowadays. Problem – federated organizational structures, the need for agile and adaptable systems, high cost pressure, very demanding business functions, as well as regulatory complexity. Solution – a methodologically well grounded, systematic, and incremental approach to the continuous evolution of Security and IAM in a global company context.  

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Customer-Centric Identity Management
As more and more traditional services move online as part of the digital transformation trend, consumer-centric identity management is becoming increasingly vital business success factor. Customers aren’t just physical persons, they are also the devices used by customers, they are also intermediate organisations and systems which operate together to enable the provisioning of the service.
KC EXTEND shows how the integration of new external partners and clients in your IAM can be done while at the same time the support of the operational business is ensured.
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