Privileged Access Management


Philip Lieberman - Securing Privileged Identities in the Real World: A Proposed Maturity Model of Competence and Capabilities

Keynote at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 14-17, 2013 at Munich, Germany


The Common Credentials Dilemma - How to Get a Grip on Password Sprawl for Privileged Accounts

KuppingerCole Webinar recording


May 10, 2013: The Common Credentials Dilemma – how to get a grip on password sprawl for privileged accounts

A lot of organizations still have not mitigated one of the most severe IT security risks: Password sprawl for privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are accounts that have elevated privileges. They can be both personal, such as business users with high-level privileges, and shared, such as…


Bridging (the gap between) Access Governance and Privileged User Management… and they lived happily ever after!

KuppingerCole Webinar recording


Apr 23, 2013: Bridging (the gap between) Access Governance and Privileged User Management … and they lived happily ever after!

Access Governance (modeling a desired state, then detecting and remediating risks deriving from any deviation from such a model) and Privileged User Management (controlling the activity of the SysAdmins, operating at the system level) have been historically taught as a single mantra within…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Privilege Management - 70736

Privilege Management - which, in the KuppingerCole nomenclature, also is called PxM for Privileged Access/Account/Identity/User Management- is the term used for technologies which help to audit and limit elevated rights and what can be done with shared accounts. During the last few years,…

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Regulatory Compliance a Potential Driver of Cloud Migration

Newly announced AWS offerings of Access Analyzer, Amazon Detective and AWS Nitro Enclaves discussed in my last blog post, further round out AWS’s security services and tools such as Amazon GuardDuty that continuously monitors for threats to accounts and workloads, Amazon Inspector that assesses application hosts for vulnerabilities and deviations from best practices, Amazon Macie that uses machine learning to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, and AWS Security Hub, a unified [...]

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