Identity Management


Jan 20, 2009: Entitlement Management - Business and Technical Perspectives

The question on how to control and secure access to resources has become an even more critical topic, as monolithic applications more and more become legacy and service oriented architectures (SOA) are taking over the regime. In this webinar we will give an overview of the emerging field of…


Access or Identity? Or Authorization? Or Entitlements?

Recently, I had several discussions around terms like Access Management, Authorization, and Entitlements. And I thought about what is in the center – is it the identity or is it access management? Some weeks ago I mentioned in my blog that Hassan Maad, COO of Evidian, has stated that, from…

Product Report

Product Report: Symlabs Virtual Directory and LDAP Proxy

Symlabs has launched version 4.0 of its "Virtual Directory Server" and "LDAP Proxy" products in April 2008. Both products are essentially the same code base, but differ in bundled functionality. The LDAP Proxy offers load-balancing, routing and fail-over of directory…


Identyx and Symlabs release new versions of Virtual Directory

In the first half of April, two vendors of virtual directory products have announced new major version of their software. Identyx, based in Austin, Texas, announced the availability of version 2 of the Penrose Virtual Directory. Symlabs, based in Lisbon, Portugal, announced version 4 of the…


Federation and auto-provisioning

Ping Identity recently announced the availability of Version 5.1 of Ping Federate in their blog. What caught my attention was that Ping has now also finally added a feature I (and others) call "auto-provisioning" or "federated provisioning". In federated environments, when users from other…


Infocards, Personalization, Profiling, VRM, Privacy

I have a personal history in the areas of personalization and profiling. And there might be some good chance for these ideas to become reality now - in the context of Infocards and to the sake of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management). The threat in personalization and profiling is to know…


Novell releases Identity Manager 3.6 with role-based provisioning module

Novell has finally released its Identity Manager 3.6 with integrated role management. There are two points of view on this new feature: In comparison to the integrated role management functionalities of other provisioning solutions. In comparison to the role management products out of the…


Will there still be provisioning products three years from now?

Today, provisioning is the core element of Identity Management. Most of the products which are usually named “Identity Manager” are built around provisioning, with more or less additional features. But will that be still the case some three years from now? There are several trends which will…


Auswahlkriterien für Provisioning-Produkte

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How to Train Your AI to Mis-Identify Dragons

This week Skylight Cyber disclosed that they were able to fool a popular “AI”-based Endpoint Protection (EPP) solution into incorrectly marking malware as safe. While trying to reverse-engineer the details of the solution's Machine Learning (ML) engine, the researchers found that it contained a secondary ML model added specifically to whitelist certain types of software like popular games. Supposedly, it was added to reduce the number of false positives their "main engine" was [...]

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