Federation and Web Access Management


Sun's new Access Manager is now OpenSSO Enterprise

Two months after unveiling the new strategy for its OpenSSO platform, Sun releases the next version of Access Manager. In keeping with Sun traditions, it's time for another product renaming exercise - from now on Access Manager will be known as OpenSSO Enterprise, and this version will…


Federation: The actual challenges become visible

The concept of Identity Federation slowly begins to establish itself, whether in Back-End with “classical” approaches or in the form of the user-centric Identity Management. The challenges are also shifted through this. It is no longer about long-discussed topics like standards or also the…


Sun unveils new models for OpenSSO

Sun has just announced a revamp of its business model around its access management products. Previously, Sun had maintained its Access Manager product as the official commercial release available for customers who wanted a stable product with support. In parallel, OpenSSO was the development…


Project Concordia shows important step in Federation Interoperability

At the RSA conference in San Francisco 2008 in the second week of April, several vendors demonstrated new interoperability between previously incompatible federation protocols. Through Project Concordia, a new project co-sponsored by the Liberty Alliance and several other vendors, several…


Quest: Two new tools for SSO

Quest is providing more and more tools in the Identity Management space. That is no surprise, given the fact that Jackson Shaw is Senior Product Manager at Quest. Jackson Shaw has been at Zoomit and Microsoft before, thus being one of the “inventors” of Microsoft’s MIIS. During March…


Federation and auto-provisioning

Ping Identity recently announced the availability of Version 5.1 of Ping Federate in their blog. What caught my attention was that Ping has now also finally added a feature I (and others) call "auto-provisioning" or "federated provisioning". In federated environments, when users from other…

Advisory Note

Trend Report SSO 2008

Single Sign-On (SSO) ist eines der wichtigsten Felder im Identity Management. Durch eine vereinheitlichte Authentifizierung können eine Reihe von Business-Values erreicht werden, darunter reduzierte Risiken für Sicherheit und Compliance sowie niedrigere Service Desk-Kosten.


IBM acquires Encentuate to boost SSO capabilities

On March 13th, IBM announced that it has acquired Encentuate, a maker of enterprise single-sign-on software, session management and strong authentication components. Enterprise single-sign-on works at the desktop session and application level, and is typically implemented as a set of modules…


Auto-federation and the lighter side of federated identity

Now who says that federated identity can't be entertaining as well. On January 24th, Sun's Daniel Raskin, who is involved in Sun's OpenSSO project, poked a bit of fun at competitor Ping Identity by putting a short videoclip up on his blog which would help "explaining the differences" between…

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We Are Detective: Data Scientists to the Rescue for Cybersecurity and Governance

We Are Detective: Data Scientists to the Rescue for Cybersecurity and Governance

If the line "We are detective" only reminds you of "guilty pleasure" radio songs from the 1980s, despite the fact that you are responsible for cybersecurity or compliance in your company, then you should read on. In any case, you probably should read on because this is a trend that is becoming increasingly important in times of growing uncertainty and loss of trust – in contracts, in companies in the supply chain, in "the Internet", and in nation-states. Trust as the foundation for [...]

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