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Product Report: Zscaler Cloud Security

Zscaler is an integrated SaaS solution for web and e-mail security offered by the US-based company of the same name. It provides a cloud platform for anti-malware and anti-spam protection, application control, and data loss prevention. What makes Zscaler stand out their competitors in…


Without standards for DRM and IRM Cloud Security will remain a daydream

IT Security in and for the Cloud is one of today’s hottest topics. Unfortunately, it is almost as complicated as the Cloud itself, spanning from Identity Management and logging intelligence to data encryption. This article explores the various scenarios and demonstrates both strengths and…


Oct 19, 2010: Enterprise Cloud Security Summit

Innerhalb weniger Jahre hat sich das Cloud Computing zu einem dominierenden Trend entwickelt, der sich zudem wie kaum ein Trend zuvor verändernd auf die IT-Infrastruktur auswirkt. Im Gegensatz zu typischen, Technologie-getriebenen Trends, geht die Nachfrage nach Cloud Computing Services von…


May 10 - 13, 2011: European Identity Conference 2011

With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.


Cloud Security = IDM+ERM, BUT: who will drive it is the real question!

My last blog on the future necessities to really, really secure applications in the cloud was heavily discussed, which I think is a good sign, obviously there is something to discuss... But let's get a bit more down to the real problems. Of course, DRM is not the same thing as ERM (let me…


Cloud Security = Interoperability for DRM

This week was very interesting for me. I have had a number of calls and meetings with people dealing with software components and architectures that will make  the cloud secure. And the most interesting observation is: actually everything is there. We as an industry could simply start doing…


Managing Cloud Security and Cloud Risk

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


Myths about Cloud Security

There are so many myths out there about Cloud Security - time to start putting them away... The cloud is inherently insecure. No, not really. There are providers which deliver a high level of security. The cloud can be more secure than internal IT, given that services are frequently…


Mar 26, 2010: Managing Cloud Security and Cloud Risk

Martin Kuppinger will discuss in this presentation risk-based approaches to manage cloud security. The issue, from his perspective, isn’t that the cloud is inherently insecure. The real issue is to deal in appropriate way with the specifics of the cloud – which includes not only security but…

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5 Key Benefits of Marrying IGA and ITSM

5 Key Benefits of Marrying IGA and ITSM

For today’s companies, IT service management is more than IT support. ITSM is about working behind the scenes to help employees to do the work that drives your business – providing a one-stop shop for service needs, upgrades, improvements, and asset management. If IGA doesn’t play a critical role in your ITSM strategy, it should. We frequently hear from customers who are looking to better align IGA and ITSM, and our conversations with the analyst firm KuppingerCole often [...]

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