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Pass Your Next Compliance Audit With Confidence

Kuppinger Cole Webinar Recording


Nov 19, 2009: Pass Your Next Compliance Audit With Confidence

Bottom-Up or Top-Down or both? What is the appropriate approach to automate auditing on access and reporting on directories and identities and also on mail and file access? In This Webinar, Martin Kuppinger (Kuppinger Cole), Jackson Shaw and Reto Bachmann (both Quest Software) will discuss…


The Role of Entitlement Management in Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording


Sep 22, 2009: Governance, Risk und Compliance – mehr als nur Regeln

Zuverlässigkeit ist das wichtigste Merkmal einer guten Identitäts- und Sicherheitsmanagementlösung. Mit der schriftlichen Niederlegung der Management- und Sicherheitsverfahren allein ist es aber nicht getan – Sie müssen die Gewissheit haben, dass Sie mit der gewählten Lösung auch alle…


Compliance as a risk?

GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) has become a core issue for any CIO over the course of the last few years. SOX brought popularity to IT compliance – and nowadays everyone seems to talk about GRC. But sometimes, the approaches chosen seem to increase risk instead of…


Reducing Compliance Costs through Risk-Based Segregation of Duties Management

Kuppinger Cole Webinar Recording


How to reduce the costs of compliance?

I think that is an interesting question. Compliance is a key topic for every organization, with many facets. Currently we have an intense debate about the Deutsche Bahn (railway) and other organizations which have for example compared the bank accounts of their employees with the ones of…


Feb 12, 2009: Reducing Compliance Costs through Risk-Based Segregation of Duties Management

In this Webinar, Kuppinger Cole´s Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger will highlight the challenges of risk based segregation of duties management, and will discusses technology solutions for continuous monitoring that deliver affordable and effective compliance.

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Imagining Future Regulations on AI – Similarities to the GDPR?

There are ongoing discussions from high-level expert groups from the EU Commission about what regulation of Artificial Intelligence – particularly the algorithms that process data – will look like. There is a high priority to not only create alignment with the GDPR but to add flexibility for future advancements so that a baseline level of data protection is always provided, even as new AI applications are implemented. There are many elements of the GDPR that are particularly worth [...]

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