Big Data Security & Governance


Big Data - The Holy Grail for Information Security?

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Executive View

Executive View: Oracle Big Data Solutions - 70993

Smart information is big data analyzed to provide answers to business questions. Oracle provides a range of integrated software and hardware tools needed to acquire and analyze big data into smart information. These tools have a particular focus on enterprise concerns including information…


Avoiding Data Breaches and Managing Big Data

Today information is the foundation upon which businesses are built and organizations need to prosper.  However, given its value, information is not treated with sufficient respect by everyone in the organization.  It sometimes seems that the only people that understand the value of…


Dec 19, 2013: Big Data - The Holy Grail for Information Security?

With an increasing number of fraud incidents, customer data losses and other breaches on one side, and the disappearance of the classical perimeter because of the need to finally extend the enterprise to partners and customers on the other side, introducing Big Data for Security Analytics…

Executive View

Executive View: IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data - 70743

Detecting and managing covert attacks on IT systems is becoming a serious problem.  Cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to infiltrate organizational IT systems to commit crimes including data theft, denial of service and blackmail.  IBM Security…


Dr. Karsten Kinast, LL.M. - Big Data – Small Privacy?

Session at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 16, 2013 12:00


Martin Kuppinger - Big Data done right: Smart Data. Why the API Economy and Life Management Platforms will drive Big Data to the next Level

Session at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 16, 2013 11:00


Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, Mike Small - Big Data: the Need, the Opportunities

Session at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 16, 2013 10:30


Mike Small - Information Stewardship: What does it mean for Big Data?

Session at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 16, 2013 11:30


Dr. Laurent Liscia - You can Shelve your Big Data Startup Plans if you don´t have Privacy Covered: A Standards Perspective

Keynote at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 May 14-17, 2013 at Munich, Germany

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: From Big Data to Smart Information - 70750

Big Data is characterized by three properties: there is now an enormous quantity of data which exists in a wide variety of forms and is being generated very quickly. However, the term “Big Data” is as much a reflection of the limitations of the current technology as it is a…

Executive View

Executive View: Big Data and Information Stewardship - 70744

Big Data provides many opportunities to solve emerging business challenges and Big Data technologies can create business value. However Big Data also creates security challenges that need to be considered by organizations adopting or using Big Data techniques and technologies. This paper…

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I had no intention to write any blog posts during the holidays or, God forbid, do any predictions for the next year (look how relevant last year’s predictions turned out to be). However, an interesting story involving Ticketmaster, a large American ticket sales company, has caught my eye and made me think once again about my career in cybersecurity. The whole story goes all the way back to 2013, but the details have only recently been unsealed after the company has entered into a plea [...]

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