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MDM, EAI, IAM, Data Quality

At a workshop I have held yesterday I had an interesting conversation about some aspects of IAM - especially the way, IAM products are developed without reuse of existing technologies. The discussion isn't really new to me. I have discussed some of the aspects some five or six years ago with…


Why IT cost management requires IAM

Have you ever thought about assigning the IT costs in a correct manner? Services and IAM will help you. Services are a means for a more granular view on what IT provides. That is true as well for the IT infrastructure services which are, for example, covered in ITIL. It is true as well for…


Proofing the need for an application security infrastructure (budget)

One of the emerging topics in the broader IAM space integrates GRC and Identity Management: Identity Risk Management, including aspects like Identity Risk Metrics. Identity Risk Metrics are used to measure specific aspects of Identity Management. These metrics can be mapped to risks and thus…


IAM and the midsize market

The ones who are reading our newsletter or the articles at our website for some time know that IAM for the midsize market, e.g. the not that big corporations, is one of my favourite topics. Today I had an interesting discussion with a vendor who raised the question which vendor will dominate…


Why SSO is so popular in these days...

Our upcoming Identity Management market report 2007/2008 shows some interesting results. Not to surprising, at least most of them, but nevertheless pretty interesting. One important information is where the money will be spent next year. For sure there is Identity Provisioning. And, as…

Advisory Note

Trend Report: Application Security Infrastructure

Anwendungssicherheitsinfrastrukturen oder Application Security Infrastructures werden die IT zukünftig immer stärker prägen. Sie sind das Bindeglied zwischen einer zentralisierten, stan-dardisierten IT-Infrastruktur mit Identitäts- und anderen Sicherheitsdiensten auf der…

Product Report

Product Report: Passlogix v-GO SSO 6

Passlogix zählt zu den etablierten Anbietern im Enterprise Single Sign-On-Markt. Mit dem Kernprodukt v-GO SSO und ergänzenden Komponenten werden alle wichtigen Anforderungen im Bereich Single Sign-On abgedeckt. Die Lösung ist einfach zu implementieren und zu admi-nistrieren.…


A new competitive situation in IAM

The acquisition of MaxWare by SAP finally has led to a new competitive situation in IAM. I define four segments or clusters of vendors in the market: The ones with focus on the business process The ones with focus on business service management The pure (or mainly) IAM vendors (and the…


Apr 22 - 25, 2008: European Identity Conference 2008

For hundreds of Identity Management professionals, the European Identity Conference provides an unbiased source of new insights and ideas on a broad scale from business-oriented briefings to hands-on like workshop sessions, with a great number of best practices presentations from real world…


Enterprise Single Sign-on Strategies & Trends

7 Minutes audio enhanced presentation on E-SSO Strategies & Trends


May 07 - 10, 2007: European Identity Conference 2007

Compliance Trends & Identity Risk Management • Identity Federation • User Centric Identity • Authentication Trends • Roles & Provisioning

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Renovate Your IAM-House While You Continue to Live in It

Do you belong to the group of people who would like to completely retire all obsolete solutions and replace existing solutions with new ones in a Big Bang? Do you do the same with company infrastructures? Then you don't need to read any further here. Please tell us later, how things worked out for you. Or do you belong in the other extreme to those companies in which infrastructures can be further developed only through current challenges, audit findings, or particularly prestigious projects [...]

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