Technology Is Key to Customer Satisfaction

A top challenge to online business is retaining customers throughout the registration and authentication process.

“While regulations such as GDPR and PSD2 increase the pressure on the industry, they also create new opportunities,” says Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole.

At the same time, new standards and technologies in the field of authentication, a rapidly growing range of solutions for more efficient KYC processes (Know Your Customer), blockchain IDs and many other developments are providing new instruments to serve digital customers better than ever before.

Therefore, using the latest technology can enable businesses to serve existing customers better in the age of digital change as well as help them to win new customers with new services by combining their own business strengths with the opportunities that new technologies provide.

These are just some of many aspects regarding Consumer Identity and Access Management and Customer Experience that will be addressed by over 40 speakers from companies and organizations such as Mastercard, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Behavioral Science Lab, Meeco, Salesforce, ForgeRock and many more at next week’s Consumer Identity World EU 2019 in Amsterdam.

The first day of the conference is presented in collaboration with Women in Identity, and a workshop dedicated to Challenges with Identity, will give participants the opportunity discuss the challenges of building identity systems for a diverse range of users. The workshop will also examine the potential impact on users of having or not having an identity, and how bias might affect identity products as well as the potential pitfalls.

Press representatives and bloggers can register for free accreditation here.

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